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Do Not Start Your New Year with a Bang: CSA Rated, Intrinsically Safe Position Sensors from Positek


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Intrinsically Safe Position Sensors from POSITEK

Positek offers a full line of linear, rotary and tilt sensors suited for hazardous environments. The sensors are intrinsically safe and offered with either CSA, ATEX or IECEx approvals. With full stainless steel housings and a non-contact inductive sensing technology, Positek sensors are built to withstand years of use in the harshest environments where potentiometers and other linear sensors would simply fail. Some current applications include oil & gas, mining, food and beverage, subsea and steel production.

To ensure maximum protection each sensor is paired with a galvanically isolated amplifier/barrier. Customers have the option of receiving the output as a voltage or 4-20mA current signal for easy integration into their control system.


To find the right Positek sensor for your application please refer to or call Everight Position at 856-727-9500.


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