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Custom X-MCB2 Controller


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Custom X-MCB2 Controller

This custom X-MCB2 controller has had the lid and some of its connectors removed, specifically the I/O connectors, manual knobs, RS485 connector, and light pipes. This results in a low profile, bare board controller with fewer protruding connectors.

Zaber’s standard X-MCB2 Series of stepper motor controllers are capable of controlling two axes of bipolar motors or actuators with 1.41 Arms (2.0 A peak) per phase drivers. It is designed for easy mounting to panels, breadboards, lab benches, and enclosures.


Zaber Technologies Inc.
#2 - 605 West Kent Ave. N.
Vancouver , British Columbia V6P 6T7

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Zaber 's extensive line of computer controlled motorized linear slide s, miniature linear actuator s, motorized rotary …
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