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C-Series Ironless Linear Motor Group - C10


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C-Series Ironless Linear Motor Group - C10

The C10 is the latest product of the ultra-compact C-Series Ironless Linear Motor group from Airex Corporation. Weighing in at just 10 mm wide x 42 mm tall, the C10 sets the standard in the industry for compact design and performance. The C10’s unique proprietary winding design yields high force density with low inductance, thus enabling extremely fast step and settle movement for increased machine throughput.

The unique coil design also provides exceptionally good heat transfer to the integrated mounting bracket, allowing for the coolest coils on the market and enabling precise and repeatable movements with sub-micron precision.

The Airex C-Series Ironless Linear Motors are 3-phase, zero cogging brushless linear servo motors ideally suited for low profile microscope stages and photonic applications. These versatile designs can also operate as a cost effective single-phase voice coil motor for autofocus applications


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