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ANPx312 Positioner Optimized for Ultra-High Stability Applications


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 attocube systems AG ANPx312 piezo stage

Many cryogenic experiments such as super resolution microscopy or open-cavity QED are becoming increasingly complex. Frequently, multiple-axes nanopositioning systems are used in these setups. The increased weight however leads to lower resonance frequencies of the configuration and hence increased sensitivity to external vibrations.

attocube, technology leader for highly precise positioning solutions, introduces a solution to this challenge: The new, ultra stable ANPx312 piezo stage offers enhanced stiffness of up to 300% compared to similar cryogenic positioners leading to an unmatched resonance frequency of 4 kHz. As all attocube stages, it is compatible with other positioners to achieve multi-degree of freedom motion devices offering up to 6 movement axes. The ANPx312 is available in both open and closed loop version with integrated resistive encoders.

about attocube systems AG:

The attocube systems AG was founded in 2001 and is recognized internationally for innovation and excellence in the development, the production, and the distribution of cutting-edge solutions for the most challenging nanotechnology applications in research and industry. The portfolio includes nano drives, used for highly accurate positioning tasks and surface analyses, as well as ultra precise displacement sensors and integrated microscope and cryostat systems, which work close to the limit of what is technically and physically feasible.

All products are being developed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Munich. An international team of physicists, mechanical engineers and product designers closely cooperates from product conception to delivery, distributed worldwide. In addition to its premises in Munich, attocube runs two sales offices in the US. A long list of accolades – including the Bavarian Innovation Award 2006, the German Startup Award 2008 and the TOP100 Innovation Award 2013 – further proof of attocube’s innovative company spirit.


attocube systems AG
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attocube was founded in 2001 and develops, produces and distributes a broad portfolio of ultra precise drive technology …
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