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Advanced Control Systems Announces New Stepping Motor Line


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Advanced Control Systems Announces New Stepping Motor Line

Advanced Control Systems Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of the new STH High Torque Stepping Motor Line to the Advanced Control Systems Machine Controls products group.


Advanced Control Systems Corporation's Stepping Motor Drivers and Integrated Driver/Controllers are configured for the optimum performance of the STH Series High Torque Hybrid Step Motors. STH motor customization options include single, dual or custom shafts, custom winding, lead-wire configurations and connectors. The STH Series stepping motors provide engineers with a wide range of solutions for their individual applications.


Spanning NEMA Frame sizes 8 (20mm) to 42 (110mm) the STH motor line provides a wide range of form factors and torque options. From the precision of the STH20 generating up to 300 g-cm (4.1 In-Oz) of torque in a small form factor, to the power of the STH42 generating an impressive 1142 Kg-cm (82.6 Ft-Lbs) the Advanced Control Systems STH Series is crafted to deliver precise motion control when matched to an ACS Machine Controls Integrated Driver/Controller.


The ACS Machine Controls website highlights the STH Series and provides engineers with a torque configuration tool, and instant online pricing for all single shaft motors.


Advanced Control Systems Corporation
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United States

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Advanced Control Systems Corporation (ACS Scientific) is a designer and manufacturer of stepping motor drivers, servo …
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