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ADR - Direct Drive Rotary Motor series


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Akribis Systems' ADR Direct Drive Rotary Motor

The ADR is a direct drive rotary motor which laps the competition. With a unique coil wrapping technique to increase the torque and a tooth tip stator to reduce the cogging, this motor’s performance is matched by none in the current market.

Akribis Systems offers this ADR motor as an ADR-A, ADR-B, and ADR-P series option. The ADR-B option has a larger through hole, up to 87mm, which is needed in many optical and laser applications, as well as applications needing to run power cables. The ADR-P option is a frameless motor that includes the rotor and stator only. Regardless of our customers’ engineering capabilities, Akribis will work to ensure a smooth transition to, or integration with, our product line.


ADR Features:

  • Direct Drive brushless motor fully integrated with encoder and bearings
  • Low cogging torque
  • Lowe speed and high speed windings
  • Precise homing through index pulse

Direct Drive Technology:

  • Applying the load directly eliminates backlash and compliance resulting in much higher performance system
  • Eliminates coupling devices
  • Requires no maintenance


Endless Flexibility

With over 15 years of experience designing rotary stages, Akribis Systems can work with customers to meet a wide range of application demands. Please contact directly to learn about other existing product designs and variations.


Akribis Systems
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