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A Spotlight on Zaber Vacuum Devices


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Zaber Technologies Vacuum Devices

Zaber’s motorized vacuum devices with built-in controllers are computer-controlled, motorized stages with built-in controllers and motor drivers for easy control. They require only four feedthrough wires to run up to four devices within the vacuum chamber. All Zaber devices can daisy-chain data, and devices in the same product series can daisy-chain power.

Zaber’s X-LSM-SV Series of stages are miniature motorized linear with high thrust and speed capabilities. At only 21 mm high, these stages are capable of speeds up to 100 mm/s and thrust up to 35 N.

The X-RSW-SV Series are rotary stages with built-in controllers and drivers, capable of speeds up to 100 deg/s and torque up to 100 N-cm.

The X-LRQ-SV Series are motorized linear stages with high stiffness, load, and lifetime capabilities. At a height of 36 mm, these stages are excellent when a low profile is required. They are capable of speeds up to 205 mm/s and thrust up to 100 N.

The T-NA-SV Series are Zaber’s most compact, precise, and robust actuators. These are available with either 25 mm or 50 mm of travel and are capable of up to 8 mm/s speed and up to 46 N thrust.

The T-MM-V Series devices are low vacuum, motorized, two-axis kinematic mirror mounts with +/- 5 degree tilt. Each axis has a built-in controller for easy control.

The LSA-V Series stages are designed to fit into the smallest spaces without sacrificing performance or features. These stages have a max speed of 10 mm/s and thrust up to 35 N. These stages are available for plug-and-play use with our X-MCB1Series controllers.

Zaber’s TSB-V Series translation stages are ball bearing linear stages either 28 mm or 60 mm of travel. They are compatible with our low vacuum T-NA-SV1 Series miniature linear actuators.

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Zaber Technologies Inc.
#2 - 605 West Kent Ave. N.
Vancouver , British Columbia V6P 6T7

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Zaber 's extensive line of computer controlled motorized linear slide s, miniature linear actuator s, motorized rotary …
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