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5 Micron Resolution Direct Drive Linear Motor


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5 Micron Resolution Direct Drive Linear Motor Features High Resolution, Zero Backlash, and Zero Cogging

Moticont has released a new, patented, 5 micron resolution direct drive linear motor, also known as an electric cylinder, with an integrated encoder. This high resolution, high speed, zero backlash, zero cogging, linear motor also provides users with high acceleration, and long life.  This direct drive linear motor features 5 micron resolution.  Just 1.00 in. (25.4 mm) in diameter and 2.75 in (69.9 mm) long direct drive this SDLM-025-070-01-05 linear motor integrates a linear optical quadrature encoder with differential outputs that is enclosed in the housing for protection and directly connected to the shaft for the greatest possible accuracy.

The SDLM-025-070-01-05 linear motor has a stroke length of 0.500 in. (12.7 mm) and a continuous force rating of 21.2 oz. (5.9 N) and peak force of 67.0 oz (18.6 N).  This non-commutated direct drive linear servo motor features: Quiet long life plain linear bearings, a non-rotating 0.125 in. (3.2 mm) in diameter shaft  with an internal thread at each end.  Applications include but are not limited to: Sorting, sampling, testing, clamping, semiconductor and wafer handling, adjustable office furniture, manufacturing, inspection, medical procedure tables antenna positioning, dampers, door & valve actuators, and agricultural equipment.

Threaded mounting holes in each end of the housing allows for easy integration into new and existing applications with a matching servo controller.  If a longer stroke, higher resolution, or higher force linear motor is need for an application, please contact Moticont.


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