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17 Bit Resolution from a One Inch Rotary Encoder


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Netzer DS-25 17 Bit resolution rrom an One Inch Rotary Encoder

Netzer’s updated DS-25 ( link )series absolute rotary encoder provides 17 bit resolution in an incredibly compact form factor. With integrated digital electronics to support SSI or BiSS-C, this encoder can provide accurate positioning where bulky optical encoders are simply not an option. Furthermore, it offers higher accuracy and better EMI resistance than magnetic based sensors. In summary:

  • 17 Bit Absolute Positioning
    • Higher resolution may be possible based on application
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low Profile of 7mm
  • High Accuracy, <0.02°
  • No Bearings or Other Contact Sources
  • High Tolerance to EMI, RFI and Magnetic Fields
  • Not sensitive to misalignments
  • Other Diameters available up to 247mm

This is all made possible due to the patented, leading edge Electric Encoder™ technology which provides a mix of performance features unmatched by any competing technology, optical, magnetic, or otherwise. Netzer encoders derive their measurement from the whole area of the rotor, rather than just one spot on a code disc as for an optical encoder. In practical terms this results in less error due to axial motion and temperature.

One Platform, Countless Applications

Netzer encoders can be found in a wide variety of applications. Medical equipment relies on it for reliable measurement. Space and avionics applications leverage its light weight and small packaging. Military applications take advantage of the high accuracy. Shouldn’t your application be next?


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