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Scripting Functionality ofv MCP Motor Controllers


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Scripting Functionality ofv MCP Motor Controllers

Basicmicro's line of MCP motor controllers feature a built-in scripting language making them suitable for solving complex motion control problems in a standalone fashion. With the built-in scripting language the use of external logic such as a microcontroller or PLC is not required to take advantage of the full suite of functionality the MCP motor controllers offer.


MCP's programming language is called MCL and is a derivative of the BASIC programming language. The language features all of the expected features of a programming language but comes with the addition of a large number of flexible functions to control every aspect of motors, encoders and external hardware attached to the motor controller. The MCP supports 32-bit floating point and integer math operations. Complex logic can be expressed with MCL scripts making difficult motion control problems easy to solve.


MCL can be written and run in the IDE inside our control software Motion Studio. The IDE allows for the creation, testing and debugging of MCL scripts. Motion Studio is free software and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.


If the use of external logic is called for MCP features a packet serial mode that also allows full control of the MCP's functionality. The MCP also features control via RS-232, TTL and OpenCAN. Software libraries are available in several languages such as C++, C# and Python suitable for use with PCs and microcontrollers.


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