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Milling Machines Procurement Research - Market Trends and Spend Analysis by SpendEdge


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Milling Machines Procurement Research

London, England - Global procurement intelligence advisory firm, SpendEdge, has announced the release of their ‘Milling Machines Market Procurement Research Report.’ The insights and data in this report provide a strategic analysis of the supply markets, factors influencing purchasing decisions, procurement best practices, pricing models, supplier landscape, and an analysis of the supplier capability matrix for the manufacturing industry. This report breaks down the data and analysis behind the procurement of milling machines and acts as an all-inclusive guide for making smart purchasing decisions.

“Major end-user segments of milling machines include automotive, construction, heavy engineering, aerospace, and metal component manufacturing organizations,” says SpendEdge procurement analyst Bhuvaneshwari Udayakumar. “Also, the buyers are seeking high-end CNC milling machines to enhance quality and production efficiency,” added Bhuvaneshwari.

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Procurement analysts at SpendEdge highlight the following top three market trends that are contributing to the growth of the Global Milling Machines Market:

  • Increasing reshoring of manufacturing activities
  • The emergence of additive manufacturing techniques
  • Increasing incorporation of IoT

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Increasing reshoring of manufacturing activities:

Reshoring is nothing but a reverse act of offshoring and is based on reintroducing domestic manufacturing in a country. There is an increase in reshoring of manufacturing activities in manufacturing industries across developing economies. This is mainly because reshoring aids in controlling the high transportation costs, elongated lead times, export tax, and cybersecurity risks due to offshoring of activities. Reshoring also aids in increasing employment in countries. Moreover, with reshoring, organizations can decrease the time-to-market, which will lead to better inventory planning.

The emergence of additive manufacturing techniques:

Additive manufacturing is a technique that uses 3D objects by adding several layers of material. This technique is used for various types of materials such as plastic, concrete, and metal. There is an increase in the adoption of additive manufacturing in the global milling machines market. A hybrid of milling and additive manufacturing machine combines laser metal deposition with five-axis CNC milling capabilities which enhance the precision of the manufactured components.

Increasing incorporation of IoT:

There is a rise in the implementation of IoT in the manufacturing industries. This can be attributed to the benefits of IoT including the high precision and control of the production process and low risk of human error. The incorporation of IoT also has an impact on milling machines as processes employed are synced with other equipment in industries to achieve a high level of automation. It also enables the buyers to achieve benefits such as intelligent manufacturing, enhanced performance optimization, and end-to-end visibility of the production process.

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