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Laurent Marquis appointed CEO of FlexHex Company


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Laurent Marquis CEO of FlexHex Company

Laurent Marquis is appointed CEO of FlexHex Company by the Board of Directors as of August 1st 2017.

Odense, Denmark –  Laurent Marquis has been appointed as CEO with immediate effect of the newly established FlexHex Company that is housed in the leading robohub, Odense. The newly-appointed CEO will start by focusing on developing a wide industrial product knowledge and establish the organization for sales scalability.

FlexHex Company was in spring 2017 spun out of the European innovation project, ReconCell, in which Blue Ocean Robotics is central partner on go-to-market activities. The company’s Hexapod system has been developed to enable a faster changeover in production to other production series. Thus, enabling implementation of more cost-effective operational robotics in SME and LSE production companies.

Laurent Marquis joins FlexHex Company with experience as Technical Director and later as CEO of Wave Star A/S. The newly-appointed CEO for FlexHex Company, Laurent Marquis, says;

"Since the concept of Industry 4.0 has become well known, mainly in the car production industry, there is a high demand for innovative and adaptive robotics solutions in the development of the so-called Smart Factories. The FlexHex system is with the Hexapod a sought-after solution for companies that want a faster and more cost-effective changeover in production of different product series. This is made possible with a flexible fixture that can be adjusted on all axes (x,y,z).

We will start by focusing on the European market where Scandinavia, Germany and France are important markets. After testing the Hexapod system in real-life manufacturing setups we can see that in most cases, a 80% faster changeover to other production series and a yearly cost-saving of more than EUR50,000 can be obtained."

About FlexHex Company

We aim to develop, produce and market robotic Hexapod solutions as a mean to enable fast and cost-effective changeover in production. The hexapod system is fully integrable with the robot activities in production lines, and the merging of the two technologies leads to an economical, flexible and high quality fixture that ensures higher stiffness and accuracy in fixating workpieces in e.g. assembly, welding, part holding and precision position sensing for in-line calibration.


FlexHex Robotics Company
Niels Bohrs Allé 185
Odense 5220

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