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Jules Gravineses retires from Motion Contro


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Jules Gravineses retires from Motion Control
June 2020

Rocky Point, New York – July 2020 – Jules Gravineses announced that effective July 1st, 2020 he retired from Motion Control . The MotionControl.com Web Site will continue to serve the Motion Control community under the leadership of Ellissa Gravinese, another tech business owner.

Jules Gravinese

J. Gravinese has been practicing web design and development since 1996. He successfully operated a small tech company for more than 13 years providing his web services and strategic marketing to a variety of clients in numerous industries. Further, Jules was the head web developer of MotionControl.com for all but four years of it’s operation, and will continue that role until the end of 2020 during new leadership.

Ellissa Gravinese

E. Gravinese has been working behind the scenes with Jules Gravinese since he began his own business in 2006.  When Jules became the lead of Motion Control in mid 2019 E Gravinese worked by his side steadily to understand the business and its day to day operations.  E Gravinese has a background in law with a concentration in business. 

A Brief History of MotionControl.com

MotionControl.com was conceived by Stewart Arnold during the earliest days of the Internet in 1995. The Web Site began as a free listing of companies in a hierarchical product order designed for engineers. Later MotionControl.com grew to include a weekly Newsletter, Product Releases, News, Forums and Job Postings for engineers in the Motion Control industry. Staying true to the needs of engineers guided the Web Site through the Dotcom bubble burst to remain a value added tool to engineers today with cutting edge new product information connecting domestic and international product manufacturers with design engineers worldwide.


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Since 1996 MotionControl.com has provided on-line product marketing services to manufacturers of motion control product …
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