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Carnots Air Compressers


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Carnots Air Compressers
Carnot Compression
June 2020

Carnot Compression has patented a method for solving the ‘heat of compression’ problem, and in the process has developed a means to drastically cut down on billions of dollars worth of wasted operating costs across a bevy of industries.

Reasons to Invest

  • Compressors driven by electric motors consume $227B every year in electricity; Carnot has a roadmap for reducing these costs by 20% or more
  • Carnot has assembled leading experts from all over — including engineering PhDs, compressed air marketing veterans, and product development professionals
  • Huge Market - Compressed air will soon be a $40.43B market

12% of U.S. electrical consumption goes to powering industrial air compressors

Oil-free compressed air is a must-have for many facilities in sectors like manufacturing and scientific research, automotive painting, food and beverage, and more. In several of these places, their air purity is of the utmost importance, as any small presence of oil could cause massive damages in lost product, contamination, downtime, and other setbacks.

Traditionally, people who only need low horsepower oil-free air compressors (especially the 5-30 horsepower range) are limited to machines with so many moving parts that maintenance is extremely difficult — this means the machines themselves do not last very long. Carnot's proprietary technology cuts down on the total cost of ownership; eliminating the need for frequent routine service visits. The minimal amount of moving parts reduce service costs and increase uptime. Compressors are also massive drains on companies' finances — guzzling an estimated $227B every year in energy costs. Additionally, our oil-free air compressors eliminate the possibility of oil contamination in the air, saving companies the worry of possible leakages that could cause product contamination.

We’ve found a more efficient and reliable solution that should cut costs by 20% or more

Carnot has developed a patented process that is capable of compressing air in an isothermal manner. This allows for a constant temperature and improves the technology to one, single moving part. By efficiently capturing the heat from compression, we’re able to greatly reduce the operating cost — and thanks to the simplicity of our design — total costs of ownership are driven down, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.

The potential for widespread applications for our technology means access to multiple markets

Air compressors make up a growing market that's projected to pass $40B by 2025, with the oil-free compression segment representing around a third of the sector. Worldwide, it is estimated that compressors account for over 30% of electricity demand for electric motors

A robust IP portfolio and commercial validation

Since forming the company in 2014 we’ve steadily developed our technology through a series of component tests, prototypes, and patents, leading to a pre-commercial prototype that is currently being tested under a grant from the California Energy Commission. Our progress has been fueled by multiple million-dollar grants from the National Science Foundation and the California Energy Commission (in partnership with the Gas Technology Institute),  Funding from these grants has helped accelerate our development to its current near-commercial state. Additionally, we have invested in filing five patents to protect our intellectual property. 

Oil-free compression with low operating cost and continuous operation

The CarnotTM Compressor uses a centrifugal process to compress gas/liquid emulsion, separating out the compressed gas and recycling the working liquid, while keeping a low internal temperature. The low temperature means that our system is able to generate a large amount of compressed air with high operational efficiency.

Stage of Development

Industrial machinery takes time to develop. Our team has steadily developed the technology from benchtop proof of concept of the compression principle to a fully-integrated oil-free air compressor prototype. 3rd-party validation of the disruptive potential of the technology is evidenced by grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the California Energy Commission.

The progress made to date has positioned us to apply the lessons learned from the current test phase to the next design iteration, which we anticipate selling directly to customers.  

We will sell to niche markets and help them dramatically cut costs

Within the next year we plan to enter into niche markets around the country and begin selling directly to customers. We believe that our value proposition will enable us to gain traction in a premium-priced market.

Current oil-free air compressors in the 10 horsepower range sell for upwards of $17,000. After our market entry, we believe that a successful operating history and low maintenance costs will enable us to offer premium pricing and build customer loyalty.

Nobody else has our isothermal process

We set ourselves apart from all competitors with our patented platform technology. Our process is capable of achieving high pressure rises in a single stage of compression, at low heat, and on a 100% duty cycle. The CarnotTM Compressor will be an attractive product for customers in all industries due to our ability to help minimize total ownership costs of the unavoidable, fifth utility. This competitive advantage is protected by a deep IP portfolio of issued and filed patents, pending trademarks, and trade secrets.

The most reliable, cost-effective option on the market

After our market entry we believe that consumers will quickly develop a heightened awareness of the CarnotTM Compressor, as the best product in the oil-free market. Our first offerings will be in the 5-25 horsepower range and we will scale up to 100 horsepower in the next five years.

Our focus will also include finding the right market-fits for a broader range of applications within the life science, semiconductor, and food industries.

Bringing together industry vets and visionary engineers

Our personnel is made up of a diverse group with decades of complementary experience, ranging from 25 years of Finance and Corporate Development (CEO Todd Thompson), operations management (COO Hans Shillinger), product development (VP Engineering Chris Finley) to a Stanford post-doc (Senior Engineer Dr. Christophe Duchateau). We’ve also brought along direct industry experience with our Sales and Marketing Director, Kurt Schoeller, who spent 15 years in the air compressor sales and service realm. With this level of inside knowledge, innovative expertise, and business experience, we have been able to successfully drive our product to market, and are positioned to make a major splash in the next year.


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