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Dc Servomotor

SilverMax X34 Servomotor courtesy QuickSilver Controls

servomotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. 


Servomotors are used in applications such as:

  • Automated manufacturing
  • CNC machinery
  • Medical
  • Robotics


Servomotors may be found in a variety of products:

  • Industrial automation machinery where space is limited
  • Motor-driven hand tools
  • Motor-driven medical instruments
  • Motor-driven Prosthetics
  • Motor-driven aerospace hand tools, etc...
  • Robotic grippers



Some of our Dc Servo Sponsors include...


FAULHABER products include production automation and robotics, aerospace, optical systems as well as medicine and laboratory.

Optimal Engineering Systems

OES product lines include motion control systems, drive electronics, modules and controller cards.

TRINAMIC Motion Control

Trinamic's state-of-the-art ICs, modules, and PANdrive smart motors enable today's software engineers to quickly and reliably develop highly precise drives that work efficiently, smoothly, and quietly. The accessible, flexible, and easy to use toolkits make world's most powerful technology as easy as 1-2-3.

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