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Pancake Motor

Maxon Precision Brushless Pancake Motors

Pancake motors may also be referred to as Ultra-flat dc motors that may have gearing attached for industrial application. Sometimes referred to as flat motors, pancake motors come in both brushed and brushless Dc versions. These motors offer power, precision and adapt well to space constrained applications often working well when coupled with gearing, even right angle gearing.



  • Pick & place machines
  • Robotics
  • Optics
  • Other industrial applications


Pancake motors are used in:

  • Industrial Automation - package handling systems, paper handling systems 
  • Medical - automatic door opening systems, stair lifts, and mobility systems 
  • Robotic Systems - in wheel motors, aerospace and defense
  • Automotive - in wheel motors, autonomous vehicles
  • Marine - some winch applications


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