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AC Motor

KIIS Series three-phase standard AC motor courtesy Oriental Motor USA

An AC motor is an electric motor driven by an alternating current (AC). The AC motor commonly consists of two basic parts, an outside stationary stator having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field, and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft producing a second rotating magnetic field. The rotor magnetic field may be produced by permanent magnets, reluctance saliency, or DC or AC electrical windings.

Less commonly, linear AC motors operate on similar principles as rotating motors but have their stationary and moving parts arranged in a straight line configuration, producing linear motion instead of rotation.


Ac motors are typically used for:

  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial machinery


Examples of products using Ac motors:

  • Household appliances
  • Small hand tools
  • Larger power tools
  • Industrial conveyors
  • Industrial lifts and winches
  • Largest of engines in drilling, industry, transportation, etc...



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