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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLC courtesy AMCI

A programmable logic controller(PLC) is an industrial digital computer built to withstand harsh environmental operations of manufacturing.


Programmable logic computers (PLC) had their origin in the automotive industry in the late 1960's out of the need for a replacement of hard wired relay logic systems.


Programmable logic computers are still relied upon heavily by the automotive industry but also have found a home in harsh manufacturing environments. PLC's have evolved as computerization, programming, desk top tools, communication, interfaces and the Internet have integrated themselves into industry



Some of our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Sponsors include...

Advanced Micro Controls Inc

AMCI is a leading manufacturer of specialized position sensing and motion control technology for PLC-based automation systems. AMCI’s unique approach to PLC integration makes it easy for customers to add full motion control to their PLC without having to buy separate software.


Basicmicro multi-mode interfaces allow you to control any motor from CAN, serial, analog, R/C radio, microcontrollers or PLCs.


MotiCont is a manufacturer of voice coil motors, three phase brushless motors and positioning stages and linear slides for industrial applications.

TRINAMIC Motion Control

Trinamic's state-of-the-art ICs, modules, and PANdrive smart motors enable today's software engineers to quickly and reliably develop highly precise drives that work efficiently, smoothly, and quietly. The accessible, flexible, and easy to use toolkits make world's most powerful technology as easy as 1-2-3.

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