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Machine Controller

Machine Controller courtesy Parker Hannifin

A machine controller controls an entire stand-alone machine used in a factory automation or industrial manufacturing environment vs. a motion controller whose purpose it may be to control perhaps only one function within that machine. 


Machine controllers may be found in factory automation and industrial manufacturing industries such as:

  • Automated warehouses and conveyors
  • Automotive and machine tools
  • Electronics industry
  • Food product industry
  • Medical product industry
  • Molding machines


Specific examples where machine controllers are integral to the manufacturing process:

  • Conveyor systems used in the packaging process of finished goods before being placed into inventory
  • Data recorder equipment used to log machine usage and schedule machine maintenance
  • Equipment used to Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag product through manufacturing process eventually into finished goods inventory 
  • Semiconductor and electronic inspection equipment
  • Temperature indicators in molding machines used to warm, pour, form, and cool, plastic and rubber products



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