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PROFINET courtesy Profibus & Profinet International

PROFINET or Process Field Net is an industry standard for data communication over the Internet. PROFINET operates at three (3) protocol levels distinguished by differences in reaction/cycle times:

  • TCP/IP for non-critical time data
  • RT - Real-time
  • IRT - Isochronous real-time


PROFINET or Process Field Net is an industry standard for data communication over the Internet:

  • IRT - Isochronous real-time are for use in motion control drive systems


PROFINET IRT or Process Field Net interface are maybe found in the following motion control applications:

  • Drive systems
  • Positioning control


Some of our PROFINET Interface Sponsors include...

Advanced Micro Controls Inc

AMCI offers resolvers, stepper motion, network devices, encoders, programmable limit switches, packaging system & press system solutions.

Electromate Inc.

Distributor of AC & DC Servo and Stepper Motors, Drives, Controls, Positioning Systems & Robots, extensive product selection and JIT inventory


Our POSITAL encoders support the standard (serial, parallel) and fieldbus interfaces (DeviceNet, Profibus, and Interbus.)

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