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Manually-driven Linear Stage

Lead Screw courtesy Steinmeyer, Inc.

A linear stage or translation stage is a component of a precise motion system used to restrict an object to a single axis of motion.


Manual linear stages may be found in motion control applications requiring simple linear movement such as:

  • Accurate, fast and repetitive industrial applications
  • Repetitive lifting applications
  • High temperature applications


Some of our Manual Sponsors include...

Nutec Components Inc

Producer of precision positioning systems with digital servo control, product line includes linear servo motor stages and tables.

Steinmeyer Inc.

Steinmeyer has been manufacturing precision ground ball screws since 1965 in sizes from an incredibly tiny 3 mm up to 125 mm in diameter.

Zaber Technologies Inc.

Zaber manufactures an extensive line of computer controlled motorized linear slide, miniature linear actuator, rotary stage, mirror mount, much more..