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Switches Products



Some of our Switches Sponsors include...

Cognito Quam Electrotechnologies Ltd.

We specialize in industrial electronics and their application on the factory floor.


APEM develops and manufactures professional switch products for diversified markets including instrumentation, medical, communications, industrial automation, defense and transport. The group is present in 10 countries and has a network of more than 130 distributors and agents on five continents.


Micronor's technology portfolio offers the broadest range of products from electromechanical to electronic to optical to fiber optic.


CUI Inc focuses on improving the experience for the design engineer by providing a variety of power resources and unparalleled customer service. Since 1989, their diverse range of ac-dc power supplies, dc-dc converters, and power filters have worked to improve the way power products are purchased.

Crouzet Switches

Crouzet has a wide range of electromechanical limit switches that have been tested and approved over years by numerous customers.