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Motion Control Electronics

Surge Protector courtesy Sensitron Electronics

Motion control electronics is a category of for electronic-based products not fitting into any other product category on the website. 



Examples of motion control electronics:

  • Ac input blades
  • Bridges between sensors
  • Chip design kits
  • Current sensors
  • Dc fans
  • Microswitches
  • Piezo-electric tubes
  • Power adapters
  • Rocker switches
  • Sensor-on-chip
  • Stop switches
  • Surge protectors
  • Switch regulators
  • Torque sensors
  • USB connectors


Some of our Electronics Sponsors include...


Developer and manufacturer of switches for industrial and factory applications.


CUI Inc is a solutions provider. We have a wide variety of encoders and sensors to meet all your motion control application needs.

Sensitron Semiconductor

A leading supplier of fully integrated motor controllers (hermetic and non-hermetic), IGBT and mosfet power stages and motor drivers

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