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Shaft Couplings

Disc Coupling Spindle drive courtesy R+W America

A shaft coupling is a device, that is typically mechanical, which joins shafts of motion control equipment in order to transfer power in a pre-determined way. Couplings are available for many power transfer requirements; those where shafts are perfectly aligned to those where shafts are at an angle to one another, miniature shaft and power transfer to those of shafts of substantial torque. 


Couplings found in motion control systems are:

  • Bellows couplings
  • Disc couplings
  • Elastomer couplings
  • Linear couplings
  • Servo-shaft couplings
  • Shaft couplings
  • Shaft collar couplings


Some of our Shaft Couplings Sponsors include...

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

A leading manufacturer of Load Cells, Torque Sensors, and Pressure Sensors utilizing Metal foil strain gage technology.

KTR Corporation

Manufacturers & Stocks a variety of Zero-Backlash Couplings and Torque Limiters for Precision, Spindle and Linear Positioning applications.

R+W America

R+W is a German based manufacturer of standard and custom servo shaft couplings, backlash free mechanical torque limiters & mechanical line shafting

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