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What We Do
US Digital's precision position sensors and inclinometers are used in a wide variety of places: robotics, automobiles, animatronics, front panel rotary controls, telescope positioning, computer controlled stage lighting, manufacturing machinery, check readers, and vending machines, to name a few.

Our innovative building blocks include absolute and incremental optical encoders, inclinometers, drives, PC interfaces, digital displays, switching power supplies and flexible shaft couplings.

We strive to build and ship orders the same day (Monday through Thursday) and make life easy for our customers with competitive prices, an informative and popular web presence, and live skilled technical help.

We also invite special requests for custom motion control components and offer fast development of custom products from concept through prototyping and production.

How We Do It
US Digital is in the business of solving motion control problems by employing the absolute best minds with the most innovative manufacturing facility and persistent attention to detail in the industry.

Counter to the popular trend of outsourcing manufacturing and shipping jobs overseas, US Digital's core products are designed, manufactured, supported and shipped directly from Vancouver, Washington, USA. This state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facility enables US Digital to machine metal parts, make plastic injection molds and parts, assemble semiconductor chips, photoplot and laser-cut precision patterns, assemble PC boards, and more. With this infrastructure, US Digital is well positioned to handle continuous growth well into the future.

We continually invest in the future and are committed to developing innovative products and manufacturing methods to lead the industry with breakthrough designs. We leverage web-based technology to drive sales, reducing our cost of doing business. We view problems as opportunities for invention. Continuously growing since 1980, we unceasingly search for and invite the brightest individuals to join our uncommon team of talented, highly skilled and appreciated people. If you are a creative problem solver, love brainstorming and want to be rewarded for doing what you love to do, please send us your resume. You may be a great fit for our amazing and fun team!


1400 NE 136th Ave
Vancouver , WA 98684
United States

800-736-0194 (toll free)