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Member Since Jan 2000 / Last Product Aug 2017
Robotic SystemsRobotic Hardware

Precise Automation leverages years of experience in software, controls, electronic and mechanical design that began with the development of the PUMA robot, continued through the founding and growth of Adept Technology and continues with the production of a revolutionary line of industrial collaborative robots.  These robots provide users with all the benefits of collaborative robots (user friendly software, shorter ROI, safe to use around people) while still providing performance, price, and features comparable to traditional industrial robotics.  They produce fast cycle times that permit them to easily keep pace with human coworkers while still exerting forces that fall within the collaborative guidelines, even while running at full speed.  These mechanisms are lightweight and easy to set-up and do not have to slow down when users enter the workcell.  In addition, Precise’s collaborative robots offer the flexibility of both an easy to use web based interface as well as an optional advanced programming environment as capable as any industrial robot.


47350 Fremont Boulevard
Fremont , CA 94538
United States

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