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POSITAL-FRABA Inc., based in Hamilton New Jersey, is the North American member of the Netherlands-based FRABA Group, a family of enterprises focused on providing advanced products for position sensing and motion control in a wide range of industries and applications.

POSITAL's core products are the IXARC family of rotary encoders, the TILTIX line of inclinometers and LINARIX linear position/motion sensors. The IXARC family has two main branches: high-precision absolute rotary encoders based on optical code-disk technology and rugged, versatile magnetic encoders. With superior accuracy and reliability, POSITAL rotary encoders are ideally suited for industrial applications (manufacturing, packaging, process control etc.) and for innovative uses in areas such as construction and agricultural machinery, mining equipment and alternative energy projects.

TILTIX inclinometers likewise come in two varieties: highly accurate units that make use of fluid cell technology and sturdy, adaptable devices built around micro-electro-mechanical sensors (MEMS). Together, they span the requirements of applications ranging from precision component positioning systems for manufacturing to reliable safety and control systems for mobile equipment in areas such as construction, agriculture and forestry.

LINARIX linear position sensors consist of an IXARC rotary encoder mated to a heavy-duty draw-wire mechanism. As the measurement wire is pulled off of the draw-wire spool, the encoder measures rotation and reports the result to the control system. These accurate and durable devices are used in applications as diverse as packaging machinery, medical equipment and construction vehicles.

All POSITAL products are based on a highly modular approach to design and fabrication philosophy, combined with state-of-the art microprocessor technology. As a result, POSITAL is able to offer an extremely wide range of product configurations with respect to measurement range, output interface, mounting options, housing material, etc. – over 60,000 combinations overall.  To help customers identify the configuration they need, the web site www.posital.com features a sophisticated product finder tool that streamlines the search for the right device for each application.

POSITAL_FRABA's sister company VITECTOR  manufactures safety protection devices. More specifically, safety edges protect people and objects against collisions with automatically operated devices like commercial doors, gates, machines, and robots. These devices are actuated by conventional pneumatic operation, or VITECTOR’s innovative optoelectronic solution.


1 N Johnston Ave
Hamilton , NJ 08609
United States

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