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NUTEC Mechatronic Systems' positioning is based on perfection. Engineering and design are focused on details and balanced design, flawless fabrication and precision machining to exacting standards and consistent quality.

Precision Positioning Solutions

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Custom Engineering

Nutec engineers have years of experience designing and manufacturing custom motion control motion systems and solutions.  We work hand-in-hand with customers to make sure the best possible motion control solution is created for their application. We have worked with laboratories and universities to design systems that will advance their research. Industries look to us to provide the best equipment for the most return per investment.

CAD Designs

When inquiring for a quotation, feel free to ask for a visual representation, or a STEP file. We here at NUTEC want to make your ideas, come to life, we feel that visual aids can help decide the perfect system for an application. Request can range from a single system drawing to a whole sub system.

Positioning Platforms

NUTEC highly experienced engineers integrate our products into positioning platforms relative to an industries application. These platforms could have up to 8 axis of motion, integrate laser systems, add pneumatic devices. These platforms are designed to be housed in a chassis and include the our MICROMATIC Controller, highly organized cable routing, water features, and protective case with shielding.

Positioning Systems

We design and manufacture linear motion systems for applications including semiconductor, medical, laboratory, photonics, fiber-optics, lasers, and many others, and are skilled in vacuum and clean room techniques. Extensive motion control and positioning system experience, in both our own components and the interaction of components found in complete systems, allows us to provide rotary and linear motion systems tailor-made for your operation.

Custom Applications

NUTECs custom designs help develop systems for multiple ranges of applications such as laser machining, micromachining and granite based positioning systems.

Applications for Precision Positioning


Medical and Life Science Industries

NUTEC motion system have been engineered and created to help benefit the field of life science and medical procedure. Our high precision motion systems have assisted applications such as stent cutting, laser welding systems, x-ray scanning, needle development, and clean room research. Products such as our 6-axis Micromachining Center and Cylindrical Micromachining System both provide excellent service when it comes to laser cutting. Produce more parts with higher accuracies with NUTEC motion control systems.

Semiconductor Industries

NUTEC offers OEM solutions for industries in semiconductor conductor applications. From wafer inspection and processing, to vacuum applications NUTEC has provided companies with quality products for the highest return in investment. With stages and systems that have resolutions of nanometers, and high accuracies that can be obtained by our servo motor controller, our engineers can create the perfect system for your semiconductor needs.

Optics Industries

The world of precision positioning is based on perfection. Engineering and design focused on details and balanced design, flawless fabrication and precision machining to exacting standards and consistent quality, assembly with advanced and intricate techniques by highly skilled technicians and last, but not least, a test procedure to document it was all done right.

Additive Manufacturing Industries

The industry of additive manufacturing is one that is always advancing. With new 3D printers for faster and better prototyping, to advanced motion control for injection molding the latest equipment is require. NUTEC offers state of the art products for all motion control applications.


81 Jefryn Boulevard East
Deer Park , NY 11729
United States

Map for NUTEC Components in Deer Park NY United States

Precision Positioning Solutions
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