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Member Since Dec 2005 / Last Product Apr 2012
Rotary Encoder

Lika Electronic has successfully developed solutions for the automation industry since 1982, becoming a leading manufacturer of optical encoders, magnetic measurement systems and positioning units in Europe.

The export trend allows to Lika to sell its products all over the world.
Presently approximately 50% of the production volume is exported to foreign countries.

Lika's range includes the following product categories:

  • ROTAPULS: incremental encoders;
  • ROTACOD: absolute encoders;
  • ROTAMAG: optical & magnetic encoders;
  • LINEPULS: linear and rotary magnetic measurement system;
  • LINECOD: absolute magnetic measurement system;
  • DRIVECOD: integrated positioning units;
  • POSICONTROL: displays & position controllers;
  • ACCESSORIES: flexible couplings, mounting/fixing supports, draw-wire encoders



Via S. Lorenzo, 25
Carre' (VI) 36010

Map for Lika Electronic in Carre' (VI) Italy

+39 0445 806600
+39 0445 806699

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