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At Basicmicro we offer a wide range of motor controller solutions from programmable systems to entry level. Setup for all our products is made easy with the included application software. Instantly auto-tune any supported encoder and motor combination. Plug and play PID tuning. No more spending hours and no prior experience required.

Our fully programmable motion control solutions are quick to learn and implement with our easy to use BASIC like language. The MCP line of motor controllers are a high performance with high reliability solution.

We support several interface modes to make integration quicker. With our multi-mode interface you can control motors from OpenCAN, serial devices, analog, R/C radios, PWM and microcontrollers such as an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or PLC systems.


  • 3.3V Safe Outputs
  • 5V Tolerant Inputs
  • Quadrature Encoder Support
  • Absolute Encoders Support
  • Encoder Auto Tune
  • 2 Motor Channels
  • 5 VDC @ 3Amp BEC
  • Thermal Protection
  • Current Sense
  • Battery Protection
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Other Voltage Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Up to 80 VDC Supported
  • Min Operational Voltage of 10 VDC


  • USB
  • Analogs
  • RS232
  • OpenCAN
  • RC Pulse
  • Configurable I/O
  • Scripting
  • Position Control Mode
  • Velocity Control Mode
  • Torque Control Mode
  • Brushed DC


33175 Temecula Pkwy - Ste A-630
Temecula , CA 92592
United States

Map for Basicmicro in Temecula CA United States


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