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Avago's absolute encoders are position feedback devices that report absolute positional information. Absolute encoders generate a unique code for each position. When powered up, these absolute encoders do not require a home cycle even if the shaft was rotated while the power was switched-off. Avago’s absolute encoders in this category use optical technology to sense positional information.


Absolute encoders come in two categories, single-turn encoders and multi-turn encoders. These absolute encoders provide a variety of resolutions (i.e. 12, 13, 14, 16 bit). The sizes of these absolute encoders are compact to enable easier integration into space constraint applications.


Avago’s single-turn absolute encoders are designed with an integrated chip. Coupled with a highly collimated light source and codewheel, this absolute encoder series provide a high resolution output for positional information through a serial synchronous interface.


Avago’s multi-turn absolute encoders are optoelectronic-mechanical unit. This multi-turn absolute encoders consist of an IR-LED circuit board, a phototransistor circuit board, codewheels and PCBs. This construction method enables these multi-turn absolute encoders to provide absolute multi-turn positioning information without the need for a battery to provide backup power supply.


Avago's extensive portfolio of fast and easy-to-assemble absolute encoder solutions are optimal for:

  • Medical, 
  • Security, 
  • Brushless DC motor, 
  • and Industrial applications.


350 West Trimble Road
San Jose , CA 95131
United States