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Media Kit for MotionControl.com 2020

For Motion Control product designers, manufacturers and distributors

New York - based company Motion Control provides advertising and online promotion services for manufacturers of motion control products.. Incorporated in 1996, the company has a robust history of developing, marketing, implementing and supporting software products that enable suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to collaborate, integrate and synchronize their demand and supply planning, production, global sourcing, warehouse and transportation operations.

MotioControl.com (MCC) reaches and influences the mechanical system’s buying decision makers in the commercial, institutional and industrial building marketplace. MCC provides practical, application-oriented information for facility engineers, consulting engineers and mechanical contractors who design, specify, install, maintain, and purchase motion control products.

Our readers are automation and design engineers from around the world. They use our website and weekly email newsletter to stay current with products available to them.


The MotionControl.com Website:
Your Presence Optimized for all Devices

MotionControl.com is engineering professionals go to resource for the latest industry news, feature stories, archived articles, expert knowledge, educational information and so much more!
Our responsive design creates an optimal user experience across devices, from a desktop to a smartphone, making it easier for visitors to use motioncontrol.com on the device of their choice—anytime and anywhere.
Media is optimized for speed and high definition in real time based on each user's device and network capabilities.


 MCC eNewsletters & social posting

Reaching monthly opt-in consulting, mechanical and facility engineering subscribers, MCC’s popular eNewsletters and social profiles provide product information to engineers. Affordable ad rates and targeted reach will help you:

  • Launch new products
  • Boost Web traffic
  • Promote your trade show booth
  • Reinforce your print ad
  • Recruit qualified employees, and more!


 What is your goal?

  • Sales Leads and Request for Quotes
  • Application Questions
  • More Exposure, Better Company and Product Brand Perception
  • Relevant traffic delivered to your Web Site

MotionControl.com viewers come primarily from Google read about your company and its product in a concise and consistent format. We are designed to pass engineering viewers to your Web site in fewer clicks than any of our competition. MotionControl.com viewers want your product!
Your company and its products have established a solid industry reputation. Your company has an unmatched Web site presence. You want to run ads on a recognized Web portal to steer traffic for additional new sales.


 2020 Digital Media Advertising


 Annual Campaign

The cornerstone to Micro site product promotion campaigns are product releases.

  • Up to 3 product releases. Cost = $600
  • Up to 6 product releases. Cost = $900
  • Up to 12 product releases. Cost = $1,500

 Rich Media Ads deliver pure, relevant traffic

  • Newsletter Ads (200 by 200)
  • Square Ads (250 by 250)
  • Skyscraper Ads (160 by 600)
  • Leaderboard Ads (728 by 90)

 Ad groups

  • Newsletter ads run annually for 12 - 24 distributions (1 per mo. min.)
    Cost = $1,320 - $2,520 ($105 - $110 ea)
  • Leaderboard and Skyscraper campaigns run 6 - 12 months
    Cost = $1,800 - $3,300 ($275 - $300/mo)
  • Square ad campaigns run 3 - 12 months
    Cost = $750 - $2,520 ($210 - $250/mo)


 Press Contact

Jules Gravinese, Director of Media Relations
Gravinese has been with Motion Control Marketing since 1999, serving as web developer and editor assistant for nearly two decades. Gravinese also brings experienced web design to the job.
email: [email protected]
phone: 631-637-1350