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FASTECH Offers Ezi-STEP Series Stepper Motors with Intergrated Drive


For high speed and high precision drive of stepping motor, Ezi-STEP is an unique drive that adopts a new control scheme owing to an on-board high performance digital signal processor.

With an unique position estimation algorithm, it is instantaneously defects an out of synchronization in the rotor of the stepping motor, which is not an easy task in a conventional stepping motor & drive.

Utilizing software damping and filtering method, high speed resolution is realized by the exciting angle control of a step angle.

Tags: Stepper Motor, Servo Drive Amplifier

Low friction version Alpha SP Gearbox Released


The manufacturer of the world's first precision gearbox for high speed applications develops new product option

Experience high speed, long duty and exceptionally low heat with Wittenstein's newest version of its alpha SP+ HIGH SPEED gearbox: the L-Version. Wittenstein Engineering has taken the highly successful alpha SP+ HIGH SPEED and optimized components, processes and specs to create a low-friction version.

Tags: Gearhead, Servo Drive Amplifier

New: EPLAN-Macros for JVL-Products


Electro configuration made easy

For some time, manufacturer of integrated servo and stepper motors, JVL Industri Elektronik A/S has provided 3D data in all major CAD formats of all JVL catalogue products. To facilitate mechanical design, this CAD data has been freely available for download from www.jvl.dk. Now, the company also supports the users of electrical engineering software EPLAN P8.

Tags: Servo Motor, Stepper Motor

New Motorized Rotary Stage Features Compact Design


Servo2Go has just added a new high performance rotary stage to its broad range of positioning systems.

Manufactured by Zaber Technologies Inc., the new T-RS60 rotary stage provides precise, continuous 360° rotation in a compact package. The robust bearing design allows the stage to handle up to 45 kg (99 lb) of load. A precision worm gear provides a 120:1 ratio allowing a stage resolution of 0.00023°. The built-in controller makes set-up a snap: just connect the stage to a computer and it is ready to use.

Tags: Rotary Stage

Parvalux Plastic gearboxes


We are specialist suppliers to several major international designers of powered golf buggies, caddies and carts with bespoke DC permanent magnet power transmission units; and in many cases we are asked to develop lightweight plastic gearboxes to enable greater portability of the product into and out of vehicles and storage facilities.

But less weight is not the only advantage of using modern plastics technology with which to develop geared-motor solutions. Price, development time and design aesthetics also play a huge part in the selection of the gearbox material.

Tags: DC Motor, Gearhead

Low Cost, High Performance, Industry Standard, Air Bearing Linear Stepper Motors For New and Existing Applications


Choose an easily integrated, low cost, high performance, 2-phase or 4-phase, linear stepper motor from H2W Technologies to improve the performance of an existing motion control system or create a new high speed, high accuracy system. These, compact, industry standard, “12 lb. Linear Steppers” (53 N continuous Force, 16 lbs, 71 N peak force) travel at 80 in/sec. [2 m/sec.], with 1 micron [0.00004 in.] resolution, and can operate in any axis. Additionally, these “12 lb.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stepper, Stepper Motor, X Y Positioning

Endless Rack Options Provide Flexibility


Options allow for 2-meter rack and various custom choices

Precision technology takes years to develop, involving hundreds of design engineers and endless hours of research. Creating solutions that fit the constantly changing motion market is what Wittenstein has been excelling at for over two decades.

Rack technology mirrors Wittenstein's achievements in design and application. The current rack products from Wittenstein are:

Tags: Gearhead

Round Mercury digital Servo Drive Controller


Digital servo drive controller for brushless (BLDC, BLAC) and DC motors In one single physical device, the Round Mercury digital servo drive includes the control and power amplifier needed to run brushless PMSM motors and DC motors. The controller can be operated from RS232 or CAN with hardware Node-ID.Its voltage operation range allows it to be used in industry or robotics, and its reduced size (55.88mm diameter) allows the controller to be integrated into critical-size applications.

Tags: Brushless DC Motor, Servo Drive Amplifier, Motion Controllers

New High Precisions Rotating Flange Servo-Gear-Head from Neugart


Neugart is introducing the newest addition to the “N”-series: our highest precision and performance servo-gear-head product line. The rotating flange (disc) type PLFN unit is being offered in 4 sizes, (PLFN64, PLFN90, PLFN110, PLFN140) and features a continuous torque rating up to 1000 Nm (short term peak torque rating in excess of 1600 Nm) in ratios from 4:1 to 100:1. The rotating flange design follows the EN ISO 9409 standards for mechanical interfaces in robotics. The extremely compact design is ideally suited for applications with limited space.

Tags: Gearhead

The Best Hypoids Just Got Bigger

High performance bevel gearboxes move hypoids to new levels

The new SUMO range of alpha right-angle hypoids from Wittenstein are the result of continually seeking to meet the demanding needs of the market while utilizing optimized manufacturing techniques, engineering expertise and sophisticated design style

Tags: Gearhead

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