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RoboteQ Smart 7.5KW Brushless DC Motor Controller Targets Small Electric Vehicles and Robotics


Scottsdale, AZ - Roboteq, Inc introduces an intelligent controller capable of directly driving a brushless DC up to 150Amps at up to 50V. The BL1650 is targeted at designers of electric bikes or karts, mobile robots, or any other high power brushless motor control application.

Tags: DC Motor, Motor Control

Wittenstein TPM Titan Family of Actuators Go Where No Actuator Can


WITTENSTEIN announces the newest development in the world of mechatronics - the TPM+/TPM+ High Torque sizes 300/500. These sumo-sized actuators offer maximum rigidity and the highest torque combined with WITTENSTEIN's signature compact design.

The new sizes 300 and 500 meet the highest requirements concerning torque, compactness and dynamics. Features include high rigidity, extreme precision and excellent performance, making the TPM+ 300/500 actuators a fundamental contribution to increase the productivity of any machine.

Tags: Rotary Actuator

Piezo Ceramics for Medical Applications from PI


Piezo motors and actuators have several advantages over classical motion control components.
Examples are:

  • Sterile / high bake-out temperatures
  • No lubricants required
  • Non-magnetic principle (MRI ...)
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Smaller, higher force
  • Faster response
  • Direct linear motion w/o conversion losses

Application Examples:

Tags: DC Motor

WITTENSTEIN Cymex Version 3.2.3 Servo Sizing Software


The newly released version of WITTENSTEIN's drive train software is now available. The 3.2.3 update includes the following:

  • T2max values for the alpha V-Drive+ and alpha V-Drive economy worm gears
  •  New motors from Omron and Fagor Automation

Current versions of cymex® can be updated by going to "File / Update". The additional CAD Generator add-on to the cymex® program is also available for updates. This program can be updated by going to "File / CAD Setup".

Tags: Servo Motor, Software, Gearhead

Advanced Micro Systems offers the BM Low Cost Stepper Motor line


Essex Junction, VT - Advanced Micro Systems Inc (AMS), is proud to release the low cost BM Stepper Motor Line. The BM stepper motors are extremely budget friendly while maintaining the quality and reliability known with AMS products. Why spend twice as much on comparable motors?

Tags: Stepper Motor

Parker Motor Powers Brammo New Electric Race Bike


Rohnert Park, CA - Parker's Electromechanical Automaton Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, is proud to announce that its MPP series traction motor powers an all-electric motorcycle built by Brammo Inc., a 100% clean-technology company. The bike is built for speed and was recently unveiled at the Red Bull US Grand Prix at the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca, Calif., where a major race took place as part of the

Tags: Gearhead

alphaCool Fluid cooled Adapter Plate from WITTENSTEIN


Reduce Heat by Adding the alphaCoolTM from WITTENSTEIN

Fluid-cooled Adapter Plate Provides Significant Heat Reduction in Applications

Tags: Servo Motor, Couplings, Gearhead

Bigger Stepper Motor with More Torque from Lin Engineering


Lin Engineering is proud to announce the release of the new Super Torque 5818 stepper motor series. Although these motors measure in at a mere 2.40", they boast up to 305 oz-in of holding torque.

Tags: Stepper Motor

Motorized rotary stages with large clear aperture by Lexitek


Lexitek Inc. offers affordable, belt driven rotary stages with a large clear aperture and 360° continuous rotation. The stages come in three speed versions and are stepper motor driven. They accommodate 4" diameter parts or larger with adapter plates. The clear aperture can be used for product feed-through, laser beam or other illumination delivery, or application-specific functions.

Tags: Rotary Actuator

Roller Screw option on Tolomatics Integrated Servomotor Actuator makes it the longest lasting integrated electric actuator


New roller-screw option available on IMA rod-style linear actuators provides significantly higher service life at forces up to 3,300 pounds.

Tags: Servo Motor

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