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Motion Sensors

Precision Velocity Sensors Reduce Waste and Costs


Hamilton, NJ - INTACTON's COVIDIS velocity sensors provide highly accurate speed and length measurements for production of continuous goods like cable, non-woven's, paper, etc. Based on a unique high-precision, non-contacting optical imaging technology, COVIDIS sensors can measure the velocity of almost any material, regardless of surface texture. The measurable velocity range is 0 to 50 m/s (165 ft/sec) with an accuracy of ±0.05%.

Tags: Velocity Speed Length

Linear Position Sensors from POSITAL FRABA


Draw wire Sensor:
For the measurement of linear movements or linear displacements, an absolute magnetic rotary encoder can be combined with a draw wire sensor. The contact-free measuring sensor stage of the MCD Sensor didn't have any abrasion. The Sensor can directly connected to digital control units via SSI- or CANopen Interface.

Series MDW

Tags: Absolute Encoder

US Digital Releases HBA4 Azimuth and Elevation Absolute Encoder


Vancouver, WA -  US Digital announces the release of its latest absolute, blind hollow bore shaft encoder, the HBA4. HBA4 absolute encoders are used as azimuth and elevation position sensors in two axes tracking systems, commonly used in solar applications.
This single turn absolute encoder provides 16-bits of resolution over 360 degrees of shaft rotation. The HBA4 is available with a 12mm or 0.500" diameter bore size with either a ball bearing or sleeve bushing bearing assembly and is sealed to an IP66 rating.

Tags: Absolute Encoder

Quick Ship Industrial Encoders from Quantum Devices


Greenville, DE- Servo2Go has just added hundreds of ‘Quick Ship' Industrial Rotary and Modular Shaft Encoders to its broad range of feedback devices.

Manufactured by Quantum Devices of Barneveld, WI the new QPhaseTM Family of Encoders feature high resolution, increased frequency response and superior reliability over temperature (0 to 120 degrees C).

Incorporating Quantum's patented sensor technology, all incremental and absolute encoders set a new standard in industrial ruggedness, and are backed by a 2 year factory warranty.

Tags: Optical Encoder, Rotary Encoder

Gurley Precision Instruments 8mm Rotary Encoder


Troy, NY - Gurley Precision Instruments' high-performance A08/R108 series rotary encoder offers both incremental (to 4,096 counts) and absolute (up to 12-bits) position information in an 8mm diameter package. Available in both a shaft and blind hollow-shaft configuration, the A08 and R108 offers design engineers several unique mounting and interface options.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Honest Sensor offers a Compact HSG40A Magnetic Shaft Encoder


Honest Sensor Corp offers its HSG40A - a compact, low cost magnetic shaft encoder for motor mounting. It is a reliable magnetic encoderwith improved seals and a magneto resistive sensor to detect transitions of counts or pulses generated by the encoder.

The HSG40A encoder offers magnetic performance and IP protection value:64 in a compact design, covering the variants of voltage output, line driver, open collector and  push pull from 5V~24V supplied field.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Certified SIL CL 3 Encoder with CANopen Safety Interface


The proven optical absolute encoders from POSITAL's OPTOCODE series are now also available as a safety version. The new addition to its product portfolio was developed in cooperation with the FRABA group sister company VITECTOR, which specializes in safety sensors. The new encoders fulfill the requirements of IEC 61508, EN 62061 and thus comply with the new Machinery Directive. Operated with protective extra low voltage (PELV), they are suitable for use in drive technology, lift applications, mobile machines, construction machinery and machine tools.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, CANopen

POSITAL Fraba offers Absolute Position Sensors


Encoders with DeviceNet Interface:

Tags: Absolute Encoder

Compact, low cost magnetic encoders from POSITAL have what it takes for elevator applications


POSITAL’s versatile Magnetocode (MCD) series encoders – used in a wide variety of motion control applications – are also a great fit for elevator control systems. Rugged, reliable and very cost-effective, these absolute rotary encoders are available in single or multi-turn versions and can be ordered with a CAN-open-certified digital interface that supports the CiA 417 lift application profile.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

Intelligent Device motivates the easy mounting Encoder module


HONEST SENSOR - HS series of Kit Encoder HS30A HS30B HS56 all composed of the high intelligent device solution to the base and cover mounting, disc design, push-on–hub and the optional output including with single-ended and differential, comprising three channel A / B / Index complimentary in accordance with any standard to customized appliance respectively.

Tags: Rotary Encoder

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