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Vector Control

Sensorless Brushless Digital Speed Controller by Sensitron


This digital vector drive is comprised of two internal assemblies in a small footprint module: the Motion Control Engine and a 3-Phase Bridge. The Motion Control Engine is programmable via an isolated RS-232 input port, and the 3 Phase Bridge is rated design to 40A, 1000V. The sinusoidal vector drive with space vector modulation control design allows for maximum utilization of the DC bus voltage and provides smooth torque control. Typical DC bus voltage operating range is 100V to 800V. The sensorless algorithm allows start up to be tuned for almost any load.

Tags: Electronic Speed Control, Pulse-width Modulation PWM, Servo Drive Amplifier, Vector Control

Trio MC464 Motion Coordinator now with high speed SERCOS drive interface module

  • New SERCOS module for MC464 high performance motion controller controls more axes with faster cycle times
  • Internationally recognised standard increases customers’ freedom to select best motor and drive combination for application
  • SERCOS interface suits high speed control and tightly synchronised multi-axis positioning

Trio Motion Technology has added a SERCOS II digital drive interface to its new MC464 Motion Coordinator range.

Tags: Motion Controller, Vector Control

Field Oriented Controller - Digital Vector Drive


Sensitron offers a Digital Vector Motor Drive that is a DSP based motor controller designed for high reliability and industrial motor control applications. The flexibility of this design allows for use of a single device/part number for multiple motor applications with few hardware changes.


Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier, Vector Control