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Servo Drive Amplifier

Analog Z-Drives now output nearly 5kW of peak power in a footprint smaller than a smartphone

Analog Z-Drives from Advanced Motion Controls

Available immediately are 6 new analog Z-Drive models with increased current output of 60A peak and 30A continuous designed with the same footprint and pin functionality as the previous 40A versions.  These new servo drives provide 50% more power in the same space, making upgrades in power output a simple drop-in replacement.  

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M/V Series Servo Drives Continue to Wow Customers with High Power in a Small Package

Advanced Motion Controls' M/V Series Servo Drives are available through Servo2Go.com

Due to popular demand Advanced Motion Controls, of Camarillo, CA, have expanded the capabilities of their popular M/V™ series Electric Mobility Servo Drives.  Key improvements include 125A continuous with 200A peak for 10 seconds at 80VDC, and 100A fixed continuous at 175VDC (previously 80A continuous).  The M/V™ series is designed for electric mobility applications such as traction, steering and lifting for UAV's, AGV's, Material Handling and more.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Ingenia extends the power range of its Pluto DC Servo Drive

Pluto DC Servo Drive from Ingenia Motion Control

Ingenia Motion Control is pleased to announce the release of an extended version of its PLUTO DC Servo Drive, delivering now up to 800 W peak, with 8 A continuous output current and no heat sink required.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Compact DCJ Series Servo Drives from Harmonic Drive

DCJ series Servo Drive from Harmonic Drive LLC


Harmonic Drive's DCJ is a compact, DC powered servo drive for position, velocity, and torque control of AC brushless motors and DC brush motors. It can operate on a distributed control network, as a stand-alone indexing drive, or with external motion controllers.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

New Pluto ultra-compact DC Servo Drive 500 W

Ingenia's Pluto ultra-compact DC Servo Drive 500 W

Ingenia Motion Control's PLUTO Digital Servo Drive an ultra-compact, modular solution for control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush and stepper motors up to 500 W peak, with 5 Arms output current and no heat sink required. Pluto is an open-frame drive easy to integrate in applications where space is critical, such as intelligent motors with embedded servo drive, compact integrated actuators or multi-axis distributed motor control with coordinated motion profiles.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Multi-axis custom Servo Drive for low power DC motors

i138 Multi-axis custom Servo Drive from Ingenia Motion Control

i138 is designed for the control of either scientific or laboratory equipment (mixing, centrifuges and stirrers, microscopes). It is based on a two board stack with connectors and shape specially tailored to the end system mechanical and mounting needs.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Custom Ultra-narrow OEM digital servo drive up to 400W

i134 Digital Servo Drive from Ingenia Motion Control

Suitable for compact linear motor or linear positioning stages, i134 integrates motion control, PLC level I/Os and communications onto a miniature plug-in module (149 x 36 x 20 mm).

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

Easy machine automation with VENUS Servo Controller

VENUS DC Servo Controller from Ingenia Motion Control


When you need to automate a machine, with added value, but with a reduced cost, look at VENUS Servo Controller. With features such as built-in programming capability, integrated I/Os, network or point to point communications offers and ideal control solution when combined with visualization components.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

New tiny 250 W power stage module for ‘Servo Drive a la Carte’ library

250 W power stage module for Servo Drive a la Carte by Ingenia

Ingenia has added new modules to its extensive library for developing custom Servo Drives a la carte. Servo Drives a la Carte uses a modular design approach based on pre-tested circuits and templates, which helps to short development time, eliminates the risk of unproven technology and guarantees an outstanding quality.

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

New Family of Servo Drives designed for Mobile Electric Vehicle Platforms

M/V series Servo Drives by Advanced Motion Controls


Servo2Go has recently expanded its line of Electric Vehicle Servo Drives from Advanced Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA. The M/V™ series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant servo drives purpose designed and built to operate today’s modern mobile electric vehicular platforms. 

Tags: Servo Drive Amplifier

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