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Electronic Speed Control

Speed Controller SC 5004 & 5008 for Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

Speed Controller SC 5004 & 5008 for Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

FAULHABER is adding two new Speed Controllers to its controller range. The PI Controller series is software-configurable – so no need for trimmers or DIP switches – and can be operated with one and the same controller, either as brushed direct current motors (DC) or electronically commuted drives (BL), also with integrated Hall sensors. Depending on the operating mode, the speed can be controlled to between 50 and 60,000 rpm.

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Sensorless Brushless Digital Speed Controller by Sensitron


This digital vector drive is comprised of two internal assemblies in a small footprint module: the Motion Control Engine and a 3-Phase Bridge. The Motion Control Engine is programmable via an isolated RS-232 input port, and the 3 Phase Bridge is rated design to 40A, 1000V. The sinusoidal vector drive with space vector modulation control design allows for maximum utilization of the DC bus voltage and provides smooth torque control. Typical DC bus voltage operating range is 100V to 800V. The sensorless algorithm allows start up to be tuned for almost any load.

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The latest Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors in two diameters with integrated electronics by MicroMo


MICROMO expands its line of FAULHABER flat DC micromotors. The two new offerings provide diameters of 15mm and 26mm. The new precious metal commutated DC micromotors provide robustness and electronic commutation. With nominal voltages of 6 or 12 volts, the 15 mm diameter motor provides a continuous output torque of 0,6 mNm. The 26 mm diameter version provides output of 3,8 mNm. Also, the output torque can be increased up to 30 or 100 mNm with gearmotor versions of the new drives.

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