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Magnetic MCD Encoder with Analog Interface

Magnetic MCD Encoder with Analog Interface

Many applications use cost-efficient analog interfaces to detect rotary motion. If more than one revolution must be registered, users can choose between wear-intensive multi-turn potentiometers, and wear-free hall sensors which require a complex gear reduction system. By integrating an analog current or voltage interface into the single-turn and multi-turn MAGNETOCODE encoders (MCD), POSITAL provides an elegant solution to this problem.

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Powerful Ethernet I/O Controller Features Compact Size & Low-cost


Servo2Go.com has just added a remarkable new addition to its broad range of high performance cost effective ethernet based I/O controllers.

The RIO-471x0 from Galil Motion Control of Rocklin, CA is an intelligent input and output controller for the Ethernet and can communicate with multiple devices including other RIO controllers, PLCs, and Galil's Ethernet motion controllers. The RIO-471x0 contains a fast RISC processor for handling I/O logic and is programmed using Galil's easy-to-use, two-letter command language.

Tags: Analog, Machine Controller, Motion Controllers

Low-cost multi-purpose inclinometers from POSITAL


POSITAL has introduced ACCELENS (ACS), a new line of low-cost inclinometers that provide both analog and digital outputs. These versatile devices are available in a wide range of configurations designed to satisfy almost any requirements. Two-axis versions measure angular displacements of up to ±80º in both axes, while single axis models have a range of 0-360º and can be used as replacements for single-turn potentiometers or rotary encoders. Both versions are compact and easy to install.

Tags: Analog, Inclinometer