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Linear Motion

Parker Offers Experience and Solutions in Automation for the Solar Market


As one of the most trusted names in industrial automation, Parker has nearly 100 years of motion control experience. And with more than 15,000 distributors and 2,000 sales representatives worldwide, we provide support both locally and globally.
-Servos, Steppers, Controllers and Mechanics
-Cylinders, Valves, Air Preparation and Vacuum
-Basic Modular Configurations
-Collaborative Engineered Machines

Tags: Servo Motor, Motion Controller, Stepper Motor, Pneumatic

Medical Design Solutions with Piezo Motors and Hexapod Robots by PI


New Brochure: Medical Design Solutions with Piezo Motors and Hexapod Robots

 Piezo & Motion Control Specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has published a brochure on advanced motion control solutions for medical design.

Application Examples:

Tags: Piezoelectric

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions G4 19000 Series Linear Actuator


4th Generation 20mm Linear Actuator Completes an Entire Line of High Output Can-stacks

Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of linear motion products, introduces the G4 19000 Series Can-stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuator, built for extended reliability and high performance. This is the 3rd linear actuator size added to the HaydonTM line of high output can-stacks offering superior force output and reliability compared with similar stepper motor linear actuators in the marketplace today.

Tags: Linear Actuator

XYZ Piezo Flexure Stage for Micromanufacturing Microscopy and Nanomanipulation


PI's P-563.3CD PIMars stage is a piezo flexure-guided scanning / nanomanipulation system. The unit enables precision motion control with resolution in the sub-nanometer realm and 340x340x340 µm travel in XYZ, significantly more than other capacitive-feedback equipped systems currently provide. Integrated, direct-measuring capacitance sensors and digital closed-loop control boost linearity by up to three orders of magnitude over conventional piezo stages. 
Typical Applications:

Tags: Nanopositioning

IDEA Non Captive Programmable Linear Actuator by Haydon Kerk


Wide variety of screw pitches allowing fine resolution linear motion.

Tags: Linear Actuator

LCA Series is the next Generation of Moving Coil Actuators by SMAC


Next generation moving coil actuator LCA series has an expected 10 times improvement in cycle life over pneumatics.

Carlsbad, California: SMAC Inc. has developed next generation moving coil actuator LCA series designed to replace pneumatic cylinders with an expected 10 times improvement in cycle life over pneumatics and a competitive list price starting at $500.

Tags: Linear Actuator

Lika Electronic adds the SMEx Series of Linear Encoders to its family of Position Sensors


Adding to its growing family of reliable, durable position sensors, Lika Electronic introduces a new line of linear encoders. The SMEx series linear encoders provide rapid, accurate and repeatable position feedback with a small and strong design.

Tags: Linear Encoder

M122 Miniature Linear Stage by PI provides 1 Inch Travel

The M-122 palm-top-sized precision translation stage from nanopositioning systems specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. combines compact dimensions, high dynamics & speed and very high accuracy at a competitive price.

Features & Advantages:

Tags: X Y Positioning

PI XY stages with piezo linear motors

Physik Instrumente (PI) uses piezoceramic ultrasonic linear motors in many of its PILine positioning systems. This gives the stages not only a much lower profile but also makes them faster than comparable systems with motor/spindle drives.

PI manufactures low-profile XY stages with a profile height of less than 30 mm across the whole surface of the stage - there are no lead screw ducts, no flanged motors. A speed of 100 mm/s can be achieved at a resolution of up to 0.1 µm.

Tags: Piezoelectric, X Y Positioning, Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Motor Powers New Line of Linear Positioning Stages: Fast, Cost-Effective, Low-Profile

Auburn, MA, piezo system specialist PI announces the M-692 series of low-profile, ultrasonic linear translation stages designed for high-speed positioning tasks with limited space.
Backlash-Free, with Linear Encoder

Tags: Piezoelectric, X Y Positioning

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