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Linear Motion

H2W Voice Coil Positioning Stage designed to move Light Payloads


The H2W Voice Coil Positioning Stage P/N VMS02-035-CR-001-V is designed to move light payloads vertically with high accuracy and smooth motion.

The Voice Coil Stage features:

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning

BEI Releases Second Edition of Industrial Encoders for Dummies


Goleta, CA - Select and install encoders correctly for trouble-free performance with BEI Sensors' newly updated Industrial Encoder for Dummies 2nd Edition. This edition features new sections including in-depth explanations of resolution vs. accuracy, natural binary vs. gray code, and how to choose an encoder for your specific needs. Additionally this 44 page book will help you recognize which encoder features really matter, discover the lingo of encoders and understand potential electrical and environmental problems so you can avoid common pitfalls.

Tags: Absolute Encoder, Linear Encoder, Incremental Encoder, Optical Encoder

Haydon Kerk Offers Online Prototyping with 24 Hour Shipment


Waterbury CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, introduces the Haydon Kerk Engineering Development Center, offering customers the ability to order online from a standard listing of prototype parts available for 24 hour shipment. The online ordering system allows an engineer to quickly obtain off-the-shelf linear motion components for concept testing while evaluating their needs for an application-specific customized linear motion solution.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Linear Motion

Zaber Technologies Releases XY Series Two Axis XY Stages


Zaber's XY series products are made up of 2 linear stages. They come packaged with all the accessories you will need to operate the linear slides in an XY configuration. The XY stages are powered by a standard power supply and connect to the RS-232 port of any computer.

Overview of features:

Tags: Linear Stage, X Y Positioning

Aerotech Vertical Lift Stage Offers 2 nm Resolution 5 mm Travel

Product Summary:

  • Linear-motor-driven wedge-style stage with 5 mm of vertical travel
  • High resolution (2 nm), repeatability (100 nm), and accuracy (200 nm)
  • In-position stability of 1 nm
  • Anti-creep crossed-roller bearings
  • Excellent dynamic performance
Tags: Linear Motor, Linear Stage, X Y Positioning

Haydon Kerk Offers Configurable CAD Models for RGS Linear Rail Systems


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, offers customers the ability to configure and download CAD models of the entire line of Kerk® RGS® linear rail systems. CAD download availability includes both motorized and non-motorized linear rail systems with the flexibility to change/modify such features as rail length, number of carriages, screw resolution, motor step angle, motor voltage, and other parameters.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

PIFOC Piezo Drives for Objectives from Physik Instrumente


They Go Through it With a Fine-Tooth Comb: PIFOC® Piezo Drives for Objectives

Nanometer-Level Positioning now even with a Clear Aperture of up to 29 mm

Tags: Machine Vision, Motion Controller, X Y Positioning

High Speed Trains Beijing to Shanghai in 4 Hours by Yuci Hydraulic Trio Motion


By working with Yuci Hydraulic Co. Ltd., the largest hydraulic components maker of China, Trio Motion in China has developed a dedicated "Pretension steel bar synchronised position control system" for the making of foundation blocks for the high speed train projects in China. One of the national key projects is the building of high speed train between Beijing (the capital) and Shanghai (China's business centre).

Tags: Motion Controller, Hydraulic

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions RoHS Compliant IDEA External Linear Programmable Actuator


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions introduces the Haydon RoHS compliant IDEATM External Linear Programmable Actuator. This completes an entire line of fully programmable size 17 stepper motor linear actuators from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions. In addition to full programmability through an easy-to-use graphic user interface, the external linear actuator configuration is capable of up to 20" of stroke length with a variety of screw pitches allowing fine resolution linear motion.

Tags: Linear Actuator

Build it or Buy it: The Advantages of a Pre-engineered Sub-assembly Product Over a Component System


When constructing a linear guide system, the first choice is selecting what type of product to use: a pre-engineered sub-assembly (such as the Uni-Guide) or a component system (such as Profile Rail Technology [PRT]). Both have clear advantages and disadvantages; a component system allows the designer to tailor-fit the system to the application; however a pre-engineered sub-assembly product can save thousands on pre-installation costs: time to design, selection, research and planning.

Tags: Bearings, Linear Motion

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