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Linear Motion

Haydon Kerk Now Offers Motorized Linear Prototypes for 24 Hour Shipment


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, now offers a variety of motorized RGS® Linear Rail prototypes available for online ordering and quick delivery.

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Mitutoyo MICSYS system ideal tool for study of 2D displacement in nanometer range


Aurora, IL - Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of its new MICSYSTM Mitutoyo Image Correlation SYStem a non-contact position measurement system designed to measure displacement simultaneously in X and Y axes at the nanometer level. There is no scale required for this device, just an optically rough surface (metal, ceramic, silicon...) making it ideal for semiconductor wafer placement applications and precision manufacturing applications that must meet the most stringent specifications.

Tags: X Y Positioning

Low Current IDEA Drive for Can Stack Linear Actuators from Haydon Kerk


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. introduces the Haydon RoHS compliant PCM4806 IDEATM programmable linear actuator drive. The PCM4806 is the most recent addition to the IDEA Drive family of products. It's optimized to regulate a low current power stage suitable for controlling the smaller Haydon can-stack linear actuators. With the addition of the PCM4806 to the IDEA line, there's a programmable drive available for use with just about the entire line of Haydon stepper motor linear actuators.

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Economical Modular Global Air Preparation from Parker Hannifin


Richland, MI - Parker Hannifin announces the release of its Global Air Preparation System, an economical, modular solution for pneumatic requirements. Using a patented, lightweight T-bracket/joiner assembly for easy installation and mounting, the comprehensive Global Air Preparation System offers full-featured filters, regulators, filter/regulators, and lubricators available in three body sizes including the P31 Mini Series, the P32 Compact Series and the P33 Standard Series. Each series is available with BSPP, BSPT or NPT thread type requirements.

Tags: Pneumatic

Zaber Technologies Releases XY and XYZ Series Stages


Zaber's multi-axis systems come packaged with all the accessories you will need to operate the linear slides in an XY or XYZ configuration. Stages are powered by a standard power supply and connect to the RS-232 port of any computer.

Key Features:
  • 13 mm to 450 mm travel
  • Built-in controllers
  • Several units daisy-chain to a single serial port
  • Available in various speed / resolution options
  • Combine various Zaber stages to help you build a wide range of multi-axis systems from XY to XYZ Theta to Gantry
Tags: X Y Positioning, Z Positioning

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Introduces the Extended Stroke Captive 20mm Linear Actuator


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc, a leading manufacturer of precision linear motion products, introduces the extended stroke captive 19000 series linear actuator. The extended stroke 19000 series is the latest addition to the popular high output can-stack line offered by Haydon Kerk. The 1.22" (31mm) stroke length allows a greater range of linear motion while at the same time, maintaining the small mechanical footprint for use in demanding applications requiring compact components.

Tags: Linear Actuator

3 Phase Brushless Linear Motor from H2W Technologies


The short encapsulated moving coil assembly moves through a gap in the long "U" shaped magnet assembly. A customer supplied bearing system is required to guide the moving coil assembly and to maintain a .025″ [0.63 mm] clearance between the magnet and the coil assembly.

The power to the motor (from a customer supplied PWM 3 phase brushless servo amplifier) is supplied to the moving secondary via a power cable.

Larger motors with higher forces are available, consult factory for details and drawings.

Tags: Hall Effect Sensor, Linear Motor

Tallyrand offers 8 60 LIN E AC series Linear Servo Actuators


This is a slightly smaller, lower cost series of actuators.

  • Maximum Speed: 100m/min.
  • Maximum Power: 4 kW
  • Maximum Stroke: 830 mm

Like all LIN-E-ACS, this series is designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

Tags: Linear Actuator

PBC Linear Announces New Low Profile Uni Guide


PBC Linear brings in a new solution to low profile tasks and applications: the Low Profile Uni-Guide. A economical expansion of the popular Uni-Guide family, the LP Uni-Guide allocates the performance advantages of the larger designs-self-lubricating, maintenance-free, easy assembly-into a compact, 24 mm profile for smooth, reliable and long-lasting linear motion in print/scan, food processing and machine tool applications.

Tags: Bearings, Linear Motor, Linear Stage

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