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Linear Motion

XY Shake Table by H2W Technologies to Simulate Earthquakes


The XY Shake Table was manufactured to simulate earthquakes. When coupled with earthquake simulation software (customer supplied) the stage will accurately simulate any earthquake.

Due to the high force capability of this stage, it may also be used in a pick and place environment where the payloads are heavy.


Tags: X Y Positioning

SAA06 Motorized SplineRail Linear Actuator from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, introduces the SAA06 Motorized SplineRailTM Linear Actuator. Linear motion has traditionally required separate components to handle both drive and guidance. The compact SplineRail simplifies this by combining both functions in a single, coaxial component.

Tags: Linear Actuator

PBC Linear Designs Custom Hinged Mount for De-stacking System Provides enhanced pivoting alignment for MT linear actuators


Automation is a continually evolving way to improve efficiency, especially on the production-line. While system integration can incur high start-up costs, manufacturing lines running 24/7 save thousands in annual labor costs. This was the case for a newly designed bottle cleanser packaging and sorting conveyor using PBC Linear actuating systems in a palletizer/de-stacker. However, during the early stages of testing, the actuators were found to be loaded beyond their rating, and damaged when the system misaligned by out of position product pallets. This resulted in machine shutdowns and potential safety concerns. PBC Linear's hardworking engineering team was brought in to assess the problem and produce a workable solution for the de-stacking mechanism.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Application Story

LEE LINEAR Reclassifies Shaft Tolerance Codes


Piscataway, New Jersey - LEE LINEAR, a manufacturer of world-class linear motion components, has reclassified the tolerance codes for their case hardened linear shafting. The change was made to simplify the ordering process for customers.

Tags: Linear Motion, Mechanical Component

ALIO Patent Pending NANO Z Air Bearing Lift Stage


ALIO's patent pending NANO ZTM is a novel air bearing lift stage with TRUE NANO POSITIONING TM. The NANO Z TM lift stages was designed with a large open center , linear servo motors and variable counterbalance to exceed applications precision needs such as wafer inspection where heavy ceramic wafer plates need electrical and vacuum lines to the bottom of the plate for functionality.

Tags: Z Positioning

PI to Exhibit Piezo Products at MD&M Medical Design and Manufacturing Midwest


Minneapolis, MN - Piezo and precision motion control specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) LP exhibits its latest piezomotors, piezo positioners and 6-axis hexapod robots at the MD&M show, Booth 237, October 13-14, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota.

Piezo based products find wide use in medical device applications due to their low power requirements, compactness, fast response and nonmagnetic features. Piezo ceramics can be used in applications from nebulizers (ultrasonics) to positioning devices in MRI (piezo linear and rotary motors) .

Tags: Robotics, Ceramics, X Y Positioning

Stainless Steel Linear Technology from igus


East Providence, RI - igus® will be exhibiting at booth number 6925 in the East Hall during Pack Expo 2010. New products on show will include a hygienic linear slide table and an adjustable linear guide carriage.

Tags: Bearings, Linear Motion

PI E709 Affordable Digital Piezo Nanopositioning Controller for the Cost of Analog


Auburn, MA - Piezo system specialist PI introduces a breakthrough development in nanopositioning stage control. The new E-709 provides digital functionality at the price-point of an analog controller, all in the volume of a paperback book! The true digital servo performance comes without compromise:
Features and Advantages

Tags: Nanopositioning, Piezoelectric, X Y Positioning

Zaber Technologies releases the T-G-LSM Gantry System


Zaber's Gantries are designed for multi-axis applications where load and travel requirements exceed the rated cantilever load specs of Zaber's simpler XY or XYZ systems. In addition, Zaber's Gantries are designed for use where access is required to the entire area under the system. A synchronized pair of lead-screws provide very low backlash and high stiffness. Zaber's Gantry systems include a base-plate with a full M6 on 25 mm grid of mounting holes, integrated high flex cable and cable management system.

Key features:

Tags: X Y Positioning

Can Stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuators by Haydon Kerk


Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. Announces New Line of High Output Can Stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc, a leading manufacturer of precision linear motion products, offers an entire line of high output can stack linear actuators. The HaydonTM line of high output can stack actuators include the 20mm, 25mm, and 35mm frame sizes. Compact, robust, and powerful, these linear actuators easily outperform all other offerings of similar size in the marketplace today.

Tags: Linear Actuator, Stepper Motor

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