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Linear Motion

Haydon Kerk Now Offers Motorized Linear Prototypes for 24 Hour Shipment


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, now offers a variety of motorized RGS® Linear Rail prototypes available for online ordering and quick delivery.

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Haydon Kerk Offers Online Prototyping with 24 Hour Shipment


Waterbury CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, introduces the Haydon Kerk Engineering Development Center, offering customers the ability to order online from a standard listing of prototype parts available for 24 hour shipment. The online ordering system allows an engineer to quickly obtain off-the-shelf linear motion components for concept testing while evaluating their needs for an application-specific customized linear motion solution.

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Haydon Kerk Offers Configurable CAD Models for RGS Linear Rail Systems


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a premier manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, offers customers the ability to configure and download CAD models of the entire line of Kerk® RGS® linear rail systems. CAD download availability includes both motorized and non-motorized linear rail systems with the flexibility to change/modify such features as rail length, number of carriages, screw resolution, motor step angle, motor voltage, and other parameters.

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Build it or Buy it: The Advantages of a Pre-engineered Sub-assembly Product Over a Component System


When constructing a linear guide system, the first choice is selecting what type of product to use: a pre-engineered sub-assembly (such as the Uni-Guide) or a component system (such as Profile Rail Technology [PRT]). Both have clear advantages and disadvantages; a component system allows the designer to tailor-fit the system to the application; however a pre-engineered sub-assembly product can save thousands on pre-installation costs: time to design, selection, research and planning.

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Wide Range of Standard Rack & Pinion Drives Available Off The Shelf from Atlanta Drive Systems


ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of standard Rack & Pinion drives, consisting of both helical & straight (spur) tooth versions, in an assortment of sizes, materials and quality levels, to meet almost any axis drive requirements.

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Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers Kerk Brand Customized Lead Screws and Nuts for Precision Motion Control

Precision non-ball lead screws and custom nuts create exceptional value

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions™, a premier manufacturer of linear motion products, offers precision lead screws and customized nut designs in motion control applications where ball screws may have been originally considered. Kerk® lead screws and custom nut designs create exceptional value for designers and end users in a variety of industries.

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Low Cost, High Performance, Industry Standard, Air Bearing Linear Stepper Motors For New and Existing Applications


Choose an easily integrated, low cost, high performance, 2-phase or 4-phase, linear stepper motor from H2W Technologies to improve the performance of an existing motion control system or create a new high speed, high accuracy system. These, compact, industry standard, “12 lb. Linear Steppers” (53 N continuous Force, 16 lbs, 71 N peak force) travel at 80 in/sec. [2 m/sec.], with 1 micron [0.00004 in.] resolution, and can operate in any axis. Additionally, these “12 lb.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stepper, Stepper Motor, X Y Positioning

Reduce friction in machine-guard doors


The word ‘hybrid’ is used in engineering to describe a system where two technologies are combined together. igus® has now achieved this with a completely new type of cost-effective hybrid linear bearing that both rolls and slides.

The new hybrid bearing, DryLin® WJRM, was developed with the goal of reducing driving force, especially in applications involving the manual adjustment of machine-guard doors, partitions and adjustable locks, or for light handling tasks. For this purpose, igus took the advantages unique to sliding and rolling movements and combined them.

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Smooth guidance - Linear guidance in the food industry


A cutting machine’s in-feed uses pillow blocks from the igus® DryLin® linear range on its guidance mechanism used to center blocks of cheese weighing up to 187 pounds.

The arms of this centralizing unit are mounted on the pillow blocks and then guided smoothly up from beneath a conveyor. The position of the guides means they are subjected to severe washdowns, are potential bacteria traps and inaccessible for maintenance.

Tags: Bearings, Linear Motion

New Anti-Backlash Leadscrew System


igus® has unveiled a new addition to its line of DryLin® SLW leadscrew tables. DryLin SLW Pre-Loaded uses anti-backlash nuts to reduce axial clearance and is also fitted with DryLin W ‘turn-to-fit’ linear bearings, which offer adjustable radial clearance.

DryLin SLW Pre-Loaded is available off-the-shelf and is less expensive when compared to ball bearing assemblies. Costs associated with research, design, drawing, purchasing, QC, and assembly are virtually eliminated.

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