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Linear Motion

Smooth guidance - Linear guidance in the food industry


A cutting machine’s in-feed uses pillow blocks from the igus® DryLin® linear range on its guidance mechanism used to center blocks of cheese weighing up to 187 pounds.

The arms of this centralizing unit are mounted on the pillow blocks and then guided smoothly up from beneath a conveyor. The position of the guides means they are subjected to severe washdowns, are potential bacteria traps and inaccessible for maintenance.

Tags: Bearings, Linear Motion

New Anti-Backlash Leadscrew System


igus® has unveiled a new addition to its line of DryLin® SLW leadscrew tables. DryLin SLW Pre-Loaded uses anti-backlash nuts to reduce axial clearance and is also fitted with DryLin W ‘turn-to-fit’ linear bearings, which offer adjustable radial clearance.

DryLin SLW Pre-Loaded is available off-the-shelf and is less expensive when compared to ball bearing assemblies. Costs associated with research, design, drawing, purchasing, QC, and assembly are virtually eliminated.

Tags: Ball Screw, Linear Motion

Linear Rail Systems by Haydon Switch & Instrument


Waterbury, CT - Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. is proud to introduce its latest product line, Linear Rail Systems. The Haydon Linear Rail System uses a precision leadscrew assembly to provide controlled positioning along the axis of a robust linear slide. The Linear Rail System consists of a stationary base with a load bearing carriage that travels along a custom-extruded wear resistant aluminum rail.

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Linear Motion - Schneeberger Miniature Guideway


Combines Precise Measurement, Compact Footprint

Schneeberger, Inc., a leading global provider of linear guide technology has introduced a miniature guideway that provides best of class precision distance measurement in a compact, durable system. The MINISCALE miniature guideway provides measuring and guiding capabilities in a single integrated system for improved cost efficiencies in assembly and engineering time.

Tags: Linear Motion

New Line of Rugged, Low-Cost Positioning Tables Offers OEMs Design Flexibility in a Compact Package


Parker's Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the release of the 402XE and 403XE family of linear positioning tables.

Designed to reduce overall machine cost and allow manufacturers to speed their time to market, the rugged 402XE and 403XE are available in a complete compact package with motor and limit sensors included, or for simple customization, the 402/403XE can be ordered with mounting for other motors to meet customer-specific application requirements.

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Motor, X Y Positioning

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Miniature Translation/Rotation Stage Family Comes with Piezo Scanner Option


PI, a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for photonics, semiconductor and life science applications offers one of the smallest motorized stage families in the world, capable of delivering 50 nanometer incremental motion.

One to 4 Axis Systems, Very Compact, from 62x60 mm Footprint:

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage

Off-The-Shelf Rod Cylinder Slide by Tol-O-Matic is Available in 120 Unique Variations


Tol-O-Matic, Inc. offers the RCS series of Rod Cylinder Slides. The series includes a choice of linear ball and composite bearing models in 5 bore sizes from 20mm to 50mm. Stroke lengths for each size are available, off-the-shelf, in one-inch increments up to 12 inches. The RCS series includes several standard features that are not found on competing, built-to-order slides. These include: ISO style repairable cylinders with integral air cushions and dowel pin locating holes on the tooling plate and slide body. On composite bearing models, oversized guide shafts are also standard.

Tags: Linear Motion

Compact XYZ-Micropositioning Stages with Piezo Option


M-110, M-111 and M-112 micropositioning systems from PI are very compact, ultra-high resolution, motorized translation stages providing linear motion of 5, 15 and 25 mm. They deliver 50 nm minimum incremental motion and can be equipped with piezo drives for fast scanning and even higher resolution (1 nm). X, XY and XYZ systems are available.

Typical Applications: Metrology, Micromachining, Medical technology, Micromanipulation, Bio-Technology, Photonics packaging automation, Quality control, Test equipment

Features & Advantages:

Tags: Linear Motion, Linear Stage, X Y Positioning

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