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Thru-Hollow Shaft Encoders - Reliable Potentiometer Alternatives

Thru-Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoders from FRABA POSITAL

Geared potentiometers are used in various applications where the positioning feedback of slow moving shafts is required. These potentiometers sometimes come with variable gear ratios to increase the number of revolutions they can measure. The mechanical complexity of these contact based potentiometric systems have drawbacks in terms of flexibility and reliability.

FRABA POSITAL has come up with a robust non-contact solution to replace geared potentiometers. These multi-turn magnetic absolute encoders can accommodate shafts diameters of up to 20mm. The robust metal gearing as well as shaft sealing enable a long lifetime.
Benefits of MCD Thru-hole Encoders:
  • 20 mm Diameter Thru-hole
  • Reliable Non-contact Measurement Principle
  • Durable Metal Gearing and Shaft Sealing
  • Small Size Encoder Package
  • Field Programmability and Diagnostic LEDs
  • Interfaces: Analog, SSI, CANopen

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