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Reliable Positioning for Solar Tracking Systems

Positioning for Solar Tracking Systems with POSITAL rotary encoders


To get the most benefit from a solar tracking system, designers and operators must pay careful attention to the cost of the components that make up the system, their maintenance requirements and their ability to operate reliably under hot, damp, dusty and windy conditions.
Rotary encoders can be used to monitor both the azimuth and the tilt axes in solar tracking systems. POSITAL magnetic encoders are a highly cost-effective choice for this application. Their robust magnetic technology and robust packaging enables these encoders to easily withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high humidity, temperature and vibration. They are available with either a radial or axial cable outlet and with blind-hollow or solid shaft configurations. Heavy-duty models are certified for environmental protection up to IP69K (protection from high-pressure water jets). They are compact, accurate and available with variety of control system interfaces, including analog, serial (SSI) CANopen and DeviceNet. 
POSITAL inclinometers (tilt sensors) offer high positional accuracy and are particularly suitable for the tracking in the elevation axis. These inclinometers are available with ranges of ± 80° (two axis models) or 360° (single axis) and have a resolution of 0.01°. The devices feature capacitive sensor cells based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology. They allow the control system to measure tilt values directly, without the need for mechanical coupling to drive elements, thus keeping installation costs to a minimum. An integrated A/D converter allows the recording of up to 150 measurement points per second - which enables the effective filtration of vibrations and shocks and minimizes the settling time. Available interfaces include analog, serial (SSI) DeviceNet and CANopen. These highly robust devices offer protection levels up to IP69K.

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