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Programmable 4-axis Stepper Controller 4 x Stepper Motor, Driver, Encoder

Company: Arcus Technology, Inc
Programmable 4-axis Stepper Controller 4 x Stepper Motor, Driver and Encoder by Arcus Technolology


Arcus Technology presents our easy to use advanced 4-axis controller, PMX-4EX-SA-TB9 + DMX-A2-DRV system.  This is a plug and play system for up to 4-axes of motion.  Encoder options available for NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 sizes.
Communication Options
The PMX-4EX-SA supports the following communication protocols: USB (ASCII) and RS-485 (ASCII).  Modbus-RTU is available upon request.  Sample source codes are available here.
Our VMX HMI series also allows for easy interfacing to touch screens. 
Plug & Play Software
Our BASIC-like programming language allows you to easily download an on board program to the controller.  Due to our highly intuitive software and documentation, little or no software experience is required!  Multi-tasking of up to 4 different programs is available. 
All software is free of charge. 
The PMX-4EX-SA coordinated move functions allows for a wide range of applications.  A few examples are:
- Metrology
- Liquid Handling
- Semiconductor Automated Testing
- Automated Sand Blasting
- Glue Dispensing
- Cutting

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