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Motor Controller - Trio Motion Technology EtherNet/IP Interface

Company: Trio Motion Technology, LLC

Trio Motion CoordinatorTM Servo and Stepper Controllers

Trio Motion Technology, a world class engineering and manufacturing company of multi-axis motion controls, introduces an EtherNet/IP interface to its popular Motion CoordinatorTM servo and stepper controllers.

Trio’s EtherNet/IP daughter board allows connection of any Trio servo or stepper controller, handling 1-24 axes, to a master PLCs’ and other devices supporting Ethernet Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) — the same upper-layer protocol and object model found in DeviceNet. Trio’s EtherNet/IP extends the company’s field bus communication offering to use off-the-shelf Ethernet hardware for industrial networking. The EtherNet/IP protocol can run along side standard TCP/IP bringing together plant floor automation and office networks. EtherNet/IP capability gives Trio customers a popular connectivity option to PLC and other master devices supporting the protocol.

 The Trio EtherNet/IP daughter board plugs into the MC206X, MC224 and Euro205X Motion CoordinatorTM controllers. Using the Trio BASIC programming language, a user can program an application in the Motion CoordinatorTM so the master PLC can interrogate or set any controller parameter, variable value, or start and stop motion. The supplied EDS file is loaded into the PLC to identify the Trio controller on the network as a slave I/O device. The master can then poll the controller using I/O registers for any information available within the controller. Trio’s EtherNet/IP daughter board bridges the gap between world class motion control and PLC automation, seamlessly integrating the two.

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