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Motor Controller - Stepper Motor, Controller and Driver in a Compact Package


MICOS USA, a leading supplier of precision motion control technology, announces the introduction of the SMC-Pollux motor/controller/driver package to the North American market. 

The SMC-Pollux integrates a 2 phase stepper motor with a micro-stepping driver and a DSP based motion controller. The motion controller utilizes a multi-drop serial interface that allows daisy chaining of up to 16 axes.

As a result of the ultra-high micro-stepping rate of up to 5000 microsteps per full-step, motion is extremely smooth and as a result, mechanical resonances are kept to a minimum.

With a portfolio of several stepper motors offering various torque levels, SMC-Pollux allows easy integration into numerous motion applications. Our popular VT-80 and DT-80 stages are available as standard products with integrated SMC-Pollux (other products can be integrated on request).