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MAXON PRECISION MOTORS Brushless Pancake Motors Provide An Extremely Long Life In A Low Profile Package

Company: Maxon Precision Motors

Maxon’s new "EC" series of brushless, "pancake" motors are electronically commutated, thus enabling extremely long motor life, since there are simply no mechanical brushes to wear out. Ball bearings or ruby bearings also add to the longevity of the motor. Due to their low profile, Maxon’s pancake motors are particularly suitable for color wheels, pick & place machines, robotics, optics, and pumps.

Nine versions are available ranging from 30 mW to 90 W. The smallest version is a mere 0.3 g (0.01 oz) with a 6 mm (0.24 in) diameter and a length of 2.75 mm (0.11 in) not including shaft. The largest version is 650 g (22.9 oz) with a 90 mm (3.54 in) diameter, and a length of 29 mm (1.14 in) not including shaft.

Maximum speed is up to 20,000 RPM depending on the version. Using electronic commutation allows for minimum electrical noise. Most motors are offered with Hall effect sensors as an option.

Maxon designs, manufactures, and markets fractional horsepower moving coil DC motors & brushless motors ranging in size from 6 to 90 mm (0.2 to 3.5 in) and from 30 mW to 500 W. We also have an extensive selection of gearheads, encoders, and control electronics to complement our motors.

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