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Gearhead - PLE Series Neugart Planetary Servo Gearheads with Clamping System

Company: Neugart USA

Neugart introduced a new enhanced clamping system for its popular E-series (PLE) planetary servo gearheads. The new "PCS2" clamping system makes the mounting of servomotors even easier.

The input shaft and clamping ring lamping are not separate pieces. The clamping ring is integrated with the input shaft / sun-gear, hence no turning of the clamping ring during the mounting; the ring cannot fall off and get lost in the shipment, or handling, stocking.

Parallel to these useful user-friendly features the new optimized design generates a higher clamping force, hence even safer torque transfer. The integrated design also facilitates a more exact, truly balanced run with the result of reduced noise generation. 

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