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CMM SURFTEST PROBE System Eliminates Workpiece Changeover to Second Measurement Device

Company: Mitutoyo
CMM SURFTEST PROBE System from  Mitutoyo

A leading manufacturer of surface roughness analysis instruments, Mitutoyo offers a wide range of products from hand-held portable units to advanced CNC models. Mitutoyo is now pleased to introduce the new SURFTEST PROBE and SURFPAK-SP software allowing surface roughness analysis on a Mitutoyo CNC CMM and eliminating the need for workpiece changeover to a second measurement device.

An auto-joint probe system allows probe changing automatically between touch trigger and/or scanning probes with the Mitutoyo SURFTEST PROBE, combining dimensional evaluation and surface finish analysis in a single operation. A PH10M or 10MQ articulating probe head allows access to features requiring rotation for surface roughness measurement. The SURFTEST PROBE utilizes two well developed software packages integrated to provide a comprehensive solution. The modular design of Mitutoyo MCOSMOS coordinate measurement software, allows seamless integration of SURFPAK-SP software to perform surface roughness analysis while the Geopak module of MCOSMOS controls the SURFTEST PROBE movement and calibration functions.
Available detectors include:
  • standard-type 
  • deep groove 
  • small hole 
  • extra small hole 
  • gear tooth surface 
The CMM SURFTEST PROBE has multiple measurement ranges, and speeds. 

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