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SSI Interface for Networked PLCs

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), announces the addition of their ANE2 SSI Interface Module to the AnyNET I/O family of PLC-based specialty I/O products.  AMCI’s AnyNET SSI Interface integrates a network connection and expansion capabilities to provide a modern, versatile SSI feedback solution for any PLC-based system.  The ANE2 expands up to six 2-channel modules, allowing users to interface up to 12 SSI sensors using a single network connection.

SSI Interface for Networked PLCs from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)

HLAE the New Neugart Hygenic Planetary Gearhead

Motion control components aren't always as hygienic as you need them to be. Our new HLAE gearbox, however, is designed from the ground up for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries with stringent manufacturing hygiene standards.

HLAE the New Neugart Hygenic Plantary Gearhead

maxon motor takes part in chase to catch up with a comet - Rosetta Mission

After more than ten years of travel through space, the European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Three months from now, for the first time in the history of space travel, a lander will touch down on the surface of the four-kilometer-wide comet. DC motors manufactured by maxon are part of this pioneering feat.

maxon motor takes part in chase to catch up with a comet

CANopen made easy

Simplify drives applications using SUN CANopen Master
The Sun CANopen Master Controller is a standalone network motion controller that provides real-time synchronization for the most demanding systems, bringing your single and multi-axis equipment to the highest level of performance it can achieve.

Sun CANopen Master Motion Controller from Ingenia Motion Control

Linear Piezo Nanopositioners are Ideal for Applications ranging from Microscopy to Optics Alignment

Aerotech’s QNP-L series linear piezo nanopositioning stages give nanometer-level performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel and feedback options make these stages ideal for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment.

Linear Piezo Nanopositioners from Aerotech

Zero-Max Right Angle Gear Drives provide Directional Motion Change - They Feature Smooth, Quiet Operating Class 10 Spiral Bevel Gears

Lubricated for life is one of many features of Zero-Max “Crown” gear drives. Motion system designers looking for a smooth operating, quiet right angle gear drive will find Zero-Max "Crown" gear drives the ideal choice.

Zero-Max Right Angle Gear Drives

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