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POSITAL offers Programmable Rotary Encoders, convenient UBIFAST Programming Tool

POSITAL offers a powerful new programming capability and tools for their IXARC series of rotary encoders. With these new capabilities, the performance characteristics of these POSITAL encoders can be extensively modified through software changes, without requiring changes to physical components. This increases the versatility of these devices for end users and helps distributors offer a wide range of options without having to increase the number of models held in inventory.

POSITAL / Fraba Programmable IXARC Rotary Encoders UBIFAST Programming Tool

COUNTEX Easy as 1-2-3 Three-piece, double cardanic Coupling

COUNTEX® is a three-piece, torsionally stiff coupling which was specifically developed for the zero backlash demands of measuring  and control applications. The double-cardanic operating principle of COUNTEX® minimizes the restoring forces in a compact design ideal for ac-comodating large shafts and short DBSEs.
COUNTEX Easy as 1-2-3 Three-piece, double cardanic Coupling from KTR Corporation

Yaskawa releases the Z1000U HVAC Matrix Drive

The Z1000U HVAC Matrix drive provides extremely low harmonic distortion in a space-saving design, along with the same HVAC-specific features as the standard Z1000. This single component solution achieves excellent low distortion levels all by itself, completely without the need for additional countermeasures such as passive filters or multi-pulse arrangements.

Yaskawa Z1000U HVAC Matrix Drive

ServoClass Couplings feature Fail Safe Clamping Hubs

ServoClass Couplings from Zero-Max feature fail safe clamping hubs that provide maximum torque transmission in high speed applications. Without the use of keyways, ServoClass Couplings are designed, manufactured and tested to provide superior shaft engagement in servo motor applications at speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

ServoClass® Couplings feature Fail Safe Clamping Hubs

Pittman Motors offers new compact Encoders for OEM Designs

Pittman Motors, a premier manufacturer of customized DC brush motors, brushless motors, and gear motors, has introduced the PITTMAN E30C and E30D optical incremental encoders to satisfy the demands of volume original equipment manufacturers for encoders in precision-motion control applications. The E30C and E30D encoders are small in diameter and low-profile, yet offer high resolutions and multichannel outputs in an economic design. 

Pittman Motors offers new compact E30C and E30D Optical Incremental Encoders for OEM Designs

Neptune DC Servo Drive

Ingenia offers the new micro servo drive Neptune, with a foot print of just 40 x 40 mm and capable of control motors with low inductance. Neptune targets low power, extreme high density applications operating micro-motors and voice coils up to 4 A peak current. The drives are designed for both direct integration into a PCB or for friendly wiring with connectors.
Neptune Micro Servo Drive from Ingenia Motion Control

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